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篇一:英语作文 My favourite film 我最喜爱的电影

My favourite film

Do you know Harry Potter? It’s one of my favourite films and it’s an magical film. I don’t know who plays it but I know it’s written by J.K.Rowling.

As you know Harry Potter is a magical school student who wears glasses and has no parents ,now he is 16 years old .He is very brave and known by everyone because he is the only person who didn’t die by devil.At school,he has two good friends,they are Rone and Hey.

When I see this film,I feel very excited and interesting.So I see it again and again,every time I have different feelings,sometimes I even feel as if I’m Potter.

Do you like Harry Potter? If you haven’t see it yet,read it now and you’ll find a wonderful world.


My Favorite Film We can never emphasize the importance of entertainment too much, so I frequently go to the movies. Nevertheless no one could make such a deep impression on me but< The Pursuit of

happiness >. It was based on a true story.

The overall story is about the triumph of a man against

immeasurable odds.In reality, Chris was just another face in the crowd. However, he touched me so deeply. When waiting for a month just for selling a medical instrument, when his wife left him eventually, when his instrument was lost, he was not disappointed, still looking forward to tomorrow all the time. "Do not ever let somebody tell that you can't, not even me. ", this is what he said to his son, what was more, it is what he said to himself. I still remember the scene on the football field, that Chris said to his little son "If you have a dream, you must protect it ". At that moment, I was touched by the words

absolutely, I know everyone should do this, even if you are the small.

This movie shows the amazing competitiveness of one person. Of course, there are many people who don't succeed like Chris, but it gives the hope that can be realized by faith in one's self and hard work. From Chris' story, I am very self-confiden that the misfortune will pass by sooner or later, the happiness will come to knock at the door ultimately. That's why this movie is my favorite film.



After finishing the movie 2012, a character left a deep impression on me. The character is Yuri, the Russian billionaire. Although he is not the leading role in the movie, the character is portrayed very real in my opinion. According to the dialogues in the movie, we can know a lot of him.

He was an excellent boxer in the past, so he has a strong body. He also works with a good brain, so he can own great wealth. Now we can say Yuri is a successful man in business.

When disaster comes, a man true self is showed out obviously. In the whole process of escape, he is always very resolute. After getting the message that the No.3 boat is without hope, he strikes managers down and leads all the people running to the No.4 boat. At that time, he shows his good judgment. So in terms of ability, Yuri is an excellent man.

Many people describe him with selfishness and greed. Maybe it’s true. But I think he isn’t without a single redeeming feature. On the air, he looks the picture with his wife and children, and he calls his valentine “girl friend”, never “lover”. Obviously he loves his wife and children deeply. For leaving his valentine behind, I consider there is no mistake because they have no love all along. As a father, he takes good care of his two sons; especially at last he

sacrifices himself for pushing his son to the boat. At least Yuri is a great father and good men loving his families deeply.



As for me, I prefer to suspense movies.

Firstly, I am influenced by suspense since I am in childhood. by then,i was always watch a cartoon named《Curnane》.That is the beginning for me to a suspenseful style.

Furthermore, A mystery is always filled up with suspense or unexpected plot. The leading character also has an unusual experience. It will bring us to think deeply and disuse with a special ending.

In the third place, also importantly. I think I am an A type person which is someone could not tolerate waiting or a slow rhythm. So suspense absolutely is in my style.

篇五:小学英语作文-I like watching movies 我喜欢看电影

小学英语作文:I like watching movies 我喜欢看电影

I like watching movies,especially comedies.I think the comedies that Zhou Xingchi acted are very nice to watch. because they are very

interesting. I also like the action movies that was made by Jackie Chan. because they are so moving.

我喜欢看电影,特别是喜剧片,我觉得周星驰演的喜剧片很不错,很值得去看, 因为它们很有趣.



初中生活 Life in Middle School

Before I entered the middle school, I felt so worried about the life in middle school, because my cousin told me that I would have to compete with so many excellent students. Now I get used to the life, I learn many subjects from Monday to Friday. Though I always meet the difficulties in learning the new knowledge, I get help from my teachers and classmates. I am not afraid of the middle school life again; I am so excited to learn new things every day. In the future days, I will meet many challenges; I believe I can get over them. Life in middle school has happiness and s(原文来自:wWW.zuOWEnzhouKan.com 作 文周 刊:初二英语作文我最喜欢的电影)orrow, they fulfill my life.


最佳的目标 The Best Goal

I remember once upon a time, when I was running 800meters, I felt there seemed to be the impossible mission for me, I wanted to give up, then my teacher told me that I should not think about the 800meters, I should set up 100meters for myself, then I wouldn’t be so tired. I did as he told me, indeed, every time when I finished the small goal, I was happy, in the end, I finished the running. I learn the lesson that we need to set up the best goal, it means we can make the small goals, which are so easy for us to realize. Then every time we finish the small goal, we will close to our final destination. 我记得有一次,当我跑800米的时候,我觉得这对于我来说是不可能的任务,我想要放弃,然后我的老师告诉我不应该想着800米,我应该为自己定下100米的目标,这样才不会那么累。我按他说的去做,每次我完成了小目标,我就很开心,最后,我完成了跑步。我学到了东西,我们需要定下最佳的目标,这意味着我们可以定下小目标,对我们来说容易实现。每次我完成了小目标,就会离最终的目的地近了一步。

朋友的到访 Friend’s Visiting

Last week, a friend of mine came to visit me, I felt so surprised, because we lose touch for many years, he was my classmate when I was in primary school, now five years has passed, both of us have entered college. My friend told me that he was doing a research, he remembered my home address, so he came to visit me. We talked many things in primary school, it was a beautiful memory, both of us were naughty at that time, but we loved sport, we played the basketball match and won the first place. When the time he left, we made the deal to be gather for the next time.



拍照 Taking Pictures

I like to take pictures so much, when I go to the different place, I will ask my parents to take picture for me. Taking picture helps me record my life. I want to see what has happened to me when I look back at my life when I grow up. I want to record the beautiful moment. When I see these pictures in the future, I will be smiling. All of these wonderful memories will fulfill my life. My mother has bought me a camera, so that I can take pictures any time. I am so thankful to her, I hope I can use this camera to record the happy time of my family.


我的早期偶像 My Early Idol

When I was in middle school, I heard the English song Baby One More Time. Then I saw the music record, the girl was so sweet and pretty. She danced so well in the record, she was full of energy. Since then, I fell in love with Britney Spears, every girl wanted to be her. She was not only beautiful, but also could sing and dance so well. Britney Spears was my early idol, her energetic image attracted me so much. I was so crazy about her at that time. I believe that in every teenager’s dream, they will have an idol.

当我上初中的时候,我听到了一首英文歌曲叫《宝贝再爱我一次》。然后我去看了音乐录影带,里面的女孩是那么的甜美和漂亮。在录像中,她舞跳得很好,充满了活力。打从那时候起,我就爱上了布兰妮斯皮尔斯,每一个女孩子都想要成为她。 布兰妮不仅长得好看,而且她能歌善舞。她是我早期的偶像,她充满活力的形象让我留下了很深的印象。那时候我是那么的为她痴迷。我相信在每个青少年的梦里,都会有一个偶像。

刺激的电影 The Exciting Movie

Last week, I went to the theater with my friends, we wanted to see the hot movie, The Fast and the Furious7, many of my friends suggested me to see, they said it was so awesome. I was looking forward to seeing it. As the plot went into further, the cars drove so fast, the characters fought so strongly with the bad guys. I was very impressed by the fighting

scenes, especially the characters drove their caring dropping off the airplane. The technology was such developed, the director and his team shot the good movie, which caught people’s eyes. I never see cars can flying in the sky, the movie broadens my vision. 上周,我和朋友们去电影院,我们想要去看热门的电影——速度与激情7,我的很多朋友都建议我去看,他们说电影棒极了。我很期待看到。随着剧情的深入,车开得很快,里面的人物和坏人斗得如此激烈。对于里面斗争的场景,我印象深刻,特别是演员们开着车从飞机上跳下来。科技是如此的发达,导演和他的团队拍出了一部好电影,吸引着人们的眼球。我从来没有看到车子在空中飞,电影开阔了我的视野。

快乐的周末 Happy Weekend

Since I was small, I was so curious about the beach, because in my home, I never have the chance to see the real beach. It happens to me that my friends planned to go to Beihai this weekend, so I was so excited to join them. It took us four hours to arrive in Beihai, I saw the beach when I was in the busy, the water was so clean and there were so many people walked in the beach. When we found the hotel and dropped everything down, we went to the beach and had the barbecue, I played with my friends so happily. I realized my dream and have a happy weekend.


兴趣是最好的老师 Interest Is the Best Teacher

When I learned English, I felt so hard, because no matter hard I tried, I just could not understand the grammar. One day, my sister asked me why was I so confused with English, I told her I did not know, I was so afraid of it. Then she asked me to watch English movie and listened to the English songs. At first, I fell in love with these songs, I learned to sing them, I found I could remember more and more words. I also felt very interested in the movie, I could learn the local words. With interest, I make great progress, I am not afraid of English any more. Interest is the best teacher.


暑假难忘的一件事 An Unforgettable Thing in Summer Holiday July 2 is my grand father's birthday. On that day, all of my families will get together to celebrate his birthday. This year was the same. My uncles and aunt came back from other cities. It was so alive that my grand parents were very happy. This year, I made a surprise for my grand father. I cooked a dish for him. As I never cooked before, he was so surprised as well as exciting. My grand father said that it was the best birthday gift he received. I was glad to make grand father happy. Actually, I had practiced for several days before that day. My mum was my cooking teacher. She supported me to prepare this gift to grand father.