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篇一:大学英语满分作文My Dream

My dream

Everybody has his or her own dream. Without a dream, people would feel void, lose the motivation of fighting, and be obsolete little by little. Some people want to be milliners while others want to be scientists, doctors, and teachers. For me, I have different dreams at the different stages of my life.

When I was a child, I want to have lot of money, because I want to have many toys. If I have a lot of money, I can buy the factory which makes toys then I can have enough toys to play.

However, my dream changed as I growing up. At the stages of senior school and middle school, I hope I can have enough time to play but not to do so much homework. At these two stages, I was compelled to stay at classroom for most of my days; what’s more, I have to do a mass of homework after school. So at that time, I thirst for freedom.

For the present stage, I hope I can improve my English level and pass the CET6. English is always the inferior subject during my college. Now as a graduate student, I hope I can learn English well with the help of my teacher. Please wish my dream come true!

篇二:《My Dream》我的梦想英语作文

My Dream

Hello,everyone!I’m ZhangYi Min.Today I'm very glad to stand here to share my dream with you. Different people have different dreams. Some people dream of making a lot of money. Some people dream of living a happy life. Some people dream of being famous. Some people dream of going abroad, and so on. But my dream is different. Maybe you will get a surprise after you know my dream. .My dream is to be an outstanding baker.When I was a little girl,I was interested in bread and cake.I want to have a bakery of my own when I grow up.I’m sure that all the people will like my cake and my bakery will be opened all over the world,because I am very hard-working and

confident.So in order to achieve my dream,I will study harder and never give up my dream.

篇三:初中英语作文 我梦想的家 My dream home

初中英语作文 我梦想的家 My dream


My dream home is located in a small town,there s a lot of mountain around it and a small lake beside it.The sky is blue,the air is fresh and the bird is flying in the sky. There are three rooms in it,a dining room,big and bright.A bedroom clean and warm.A study which is full of the book I like.

My favourite room is the study.Because I like reading very much.when reading,it seems like I am a visitor who followed the wirter to view his own world.

SO, in order to make it come true,I should study hard from now on,and I believe that nothing is diffcult if I have a will.

Problems in My Life我生活中的问题

篇四:2013 中考作文 My dream life of senior high school

My dream life of senior high school

I am looking forward to entering a senior high school . I like a modern and active school . There I can enjoy myself very much . I hope to take a lot of lessons which I am interested in . I also want to do a lot of experiments . Don’t you think it’s interesting ? Of course , teachers and friends are important as well . I expect to meet kind teachers and helpful friends . The life in senior high school will be totally new . I can’t wait to try it .

篇五:英语作文 我的梦想

I Have a Dream

What will our world be like in 20 years? I can’t imagine. It must change a lot. If I meet myself who comes from the future, I will ask her whether my dream comes true or not.

My dream is to become an excellent interpreter. When I was in Grade 1, I began to study English. At that time, I was so excited for learning a new language. Because of English, I know that America is a beautiful and polite country. From then on, I hope I can speak English very well and have chance travel to America some day.

Nowadays, English is widely spoken throughout the world. What’s more, plenty of people have realized its importance. In order to make my dream come true, I try my best and work much harder. I start to watch America drama to practice my English. And I also read some English books now. I talk with others to practice my oral English as possible as I can. But the path to the success isn’t smooth. Sometimes I want to give up. But it’s my dream, I can’t give up easily. Shelley said” if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”

On the other hand, with the development of China, more and more people are interested in our culture. Some enjoy Beijing Opera, some study Chinese Kongfu, some even learn to speak Chinese, etc. As a Chinese, of course I will help them to know more about Chinese culture. I want to be an envoy of cultural exchange between China and America. So if I am an interpreter, I will introduce China to the world. I believe if I work hard enough, my dream will come true.










Everyone has a dream, but for me,becoming a lawyer might

seem like a dream job.Because the job can help people when

they have difficulies or trouble and I can try my best to make

the world fair .I think it will be exciting!

If I become a lawyer,I will be able to make a living by

doing something I love,and I can make money for my parents.

No one can perdict the future, so I must work hard from

now on in order to realise my dream in the near future.








会计师My dream job will be working in one of the biggest

international accounting firm as an accountant. I want to be

an accountant because I love mathematics and business so much.

Also, being an accountant can help me to ex


plore my knowledge

of business and provide me a board range of network among the

business world. I need to do a lot in order to achieve my goal.

First, I have to get an undergraduate degree in accounting

from college. Then I might either to go graduate school for

a more advanced degree in accounting or get prepare for the

CPA exam. With the CPA lisence, I have a better opportunity

to get a job in the accounting firm. Finally, with my experience

in the accounting firm, I can apply accounting position in

the international accounting firm and to serve as an accountant














Everybody has his dream job. I also have my dream job. My dream

is to work for foreign tourists as a tour guide.

Why do I want to be a tour guide? First of all, I'm an outgoing

girl, and I like doing some exciting things. Maybe being a

tour guide is the best choice. If I become a tour guide, I

can travel all around China, and know more about our country.

Then I will tell the foreign tourists about our colorful history.

Second, I like making friends. If I work as a tour guide, I

can make a lot of friends all over the world. This may be great.

Perhaps someday my foreign friends will ask me to visit their

countries. I really like to go to their countries to know

something about their culture. What’s more, I like singing.

Singing English songs is my favorite. I believe I will be

popular with foreign tourists. Their trip will be excellent.

Now, I am still a middle school student. My job now is to work

hard in school. Then I’ll go to university to learn something

about being a tour guide. I’m sure I can be a qualified tour

guide in the future.









What is my dream job? I want to be a doctor. I think it’s

a great and interesting job. I can help many patients. It’s

a hard job but I don’t mind it. I can find some happy in this

job. Some people also believe that doctors are work late. But

I don’t think so. If I feel happy, I can’t feel it’s very


If I become a doctor now, I like my job. I don’t regret it,

I can say:“I found a good job!” I don’t think this job makes

me tired, I think it makes me solidity and happy. I believe

I am sure to succeed.

That is all of my dream job. I am sure I Will be a good doctor

in the future.