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To introduce myself(介绍我自己)

Hello,every one!(大家好)

My name is **** . (我叫****)

I'm a 15 years old boy. (我是一个15岁的男孩)(具体情况自己改) I live in the beautiful city of Rizhao.(我住在美丽的Rizhao城)(你可以把Rizhao改成自己家乡的城市的名称的拼音)

I'm an active ,lovely and clever boy.(我是一个活跃的可爱的聪明的男孩) In the school , my favourite subject is maths . (在学校,我最喜欢数学) Perhaps someone thinks it's difficult to study well .(也许有些人认为这很难学)

But I like it.(但我喜欢他)

I belive that if you try your best, everything can be done well.(我相信每件事付出努力就会有害结果)

I also like sports very much.(我也很喜欢运动)

Such as,running,volleyball and so on. (像跑步、排球等等) I'm kind-hearted.(我很热心)

If you need help ,please come to me .(如果你需要帮助,就来找我) I hope we can be good friends!(我希望我们能成为好朋友)

OK.This is me .A sunny boy.(好了,这就是我,一个阳光男孩)


a photo of my family

Let us have a look at this photo. it is a photo of my family.

In the middle of the photo is me , a happy girl, with a sweet smile. who likes swimming, writing, dacing and so one. on my left is my mother, she is a teacher who teaches English in a middle school. her students like her very much. on my right is my father who is a doctor in the hospital. he helps a lot people .he is a kind person.

Behind me is my grandmother, she is nice and hardworking. she is good at cooking, I love her cookies. next to her is my grandfather. he is serious and always keep silent. he read many books and he knows a lot.

It is the photo of my family , a happy family.


I have many friends, but ______ (人名)is my best friend. She is taller and older than me. And I'm thinner than she. I think I'm more outgoing (开朗的) than she. She likes playing sports, " it's good for my heath" she said. Her favorite subject is PE , she thinks it's very interesting. She also like music, it can relax her.


My father

My father is a teacher. He is very tall, wear a pair of glasses. He is the kindest father in my heart, every morning he gets up the earliest to make breakfast for us. My father is very wise, He said:“A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds (光说不做的人有如长满野草的花园.)”, I will always remember these words. My father likes sports very much, at weekends, he always play basketball in his school with me. I will love him forever.


1.I have a pet dog. She is 2 years old. She is a clever and beautiful dog. Its name is Huahua. Its colour is white. She has two big eyes, just like mine. She is very lovely. She can understand me. When I play, she will play, too. When I have dinner, she always sits on a chair near me. She is very naughty.

One day, I went out for a walk with her. She ran too fast. So I couldn't find it soon. I was very worried, but when I was crying, I found she was behind me. What a lovely and naughty dog she is!

Do you think so?

2. 我的宠物是 一条可爱的狗。它的名字是"点点" 。因为有很多黑的圆圈在它的皮肤上。"点点" 是非常友好的。许多孩子喜欢和它玩。他的喜爱食物是肉骨头。 他的喜爱玩具是玩偶。" 点点" 喜欢非常跑。它跑得非常快速并且它有一个女朋友。它的名字"娜娜" 。它的皮肤也有很多黑圈子。我非常喜欢我的宠物。这是一只好宠物!!

2.My pet is a lovely dog. Its name is "dian dian" because ofa lot of black circle on its skin. "dian dian" is very friendly, Many childen like play with him. His favourite food is meat , bones. His favourite toy is a doll. “dian dian” likes to run very much. It can run very fast. I like my pet very much. It is a good pet !

3. 我有两只小猫。他们非常漂亮。一只是黄色的。另一只是白色的。他们非常可爱。黄色的小猫很调皮。他经常到处跑。他最喜欢的游戏是玩球、绳子和石头。而白色的小猫非常温和。她喜欢洗她的脸。并且她不喜欢和人玩。她经常跳上我的膝盖。我喜欢给她洗澡。 噢,我的小猫为我带来了很多愉快。我们是非常好的朋友。我爱他们。

I have got two baby cats. they are very beautiful. One is yellow, the other is white. they are very lovely. the yellow cat is very naughty, he likes to play with people, runs here and there. His favourite game is playing with balls, ropes and stones. But the white cat is very gentle. She likes to wash her face. And she doesn′t like to play with people. She often jumps onto my knees. I like to give her a bath.

Oh, my baby cats bring me much happiness. We are very good friends. I love them.



1.Unit one of composition:

Demand:请以What will my life be like in five?为题写一


What will my life be like in five?

In five years, I think I’ll be a college student. I’ll study

in Zhejiang University, because I heard of this university and

fell in love with it. I think it’s really a good university. As a

student, I think I will study hard and take part in many interesting activities; I’ll meet lots of interesting people. And I’ll live with my friends. I’ll probably go swimming and skating every day. I’ll look smart. I think I’ll go to visit Hong Kong on vacation, and one day I might even go to Paris. 2.Unit two of composition: Demand:阅读原信,根据其内容给Eric 写一封回信,要求60词左右。

Dear Eric,

There are a lot of things you should do. You could ask

your friend what you did wrong. If you did something wrong, you should say “Sorry ”to your friend. Or maybe you should more friendly to your friend and help him as much as possible. You also should talk with him as much as you can. These things can make him think you are a friend of him. Good luck! Yours, Mary 3.Unit three of composition: Demand:假设你在过去的一天亲眼见到了外星人,你和你周围的人在干什么?

What were you doing when the UFO arrived?

Last Sunday, I had a very unusual experience. At about 10

o 'clock in the morning. I was walking home when a UFO

landed right in fround of me. An alien walked out, and walked along the central street. While it was in a souvenir shop,the shop assistant called the poilce. Then the alien went to a museum. And I called my mom. I told her “I meet an alien.”, while she was watered the garden.What an amazing day! 4.Unit four of composition:



Dear XXX,

How's it going? Things are fine here. I finished my

end-of-year exams last week and got my report card today. I had a really hard time with math this semester, my math teacher said I was lazy. But I think math was really difficult. Another disappointing result was in history. My history teacher said I could do better. The good news is that my English teacher said I was hard-working. And my Chinese teacher said my reading was good. Well, that's about all the news I have for now. Yours, Lived 5.Unit five of composition:

Demand: About 70 words.

My dream job

In the future, I will be a teacher like Yu Dan. She is my

favorite writer. If I am a teacher I will work hard .I will at

least write a book if I have enough time. And I will try my best to help people, because I am sure that people in the future will be friendlier. If I am a teacher, I will have the long vacations twice a year. And the life in the future will be better; I also can do something I want to do. 6.Unit six of composition: Demand: 请以My Hobby 为题写一篇短文,说说你的爱好是什么?你为什么喜欢它?以及它对你的生活和学习产生了什么样的影响? My Hobby I like collecting stamps. I have been collecting them for ten years, and now I have eleven stamp albums. My mom says I must stop, because we’ve run out of room to store them. But I really think they are interesting. I will be collecting them, because it makes me learn a lot of things

about the world. It open up my eyes, I love really them. 7.Unit seven of composition: Demand:假如你是Mike,请给你的朋友Jackson写一封信,对他的生活习惯提出建议和要求。 Dear Jackson,I am sorry to hear that you feel ill now, but don’t you think your living habit is not good enough? So would you mind not getting up too late? And playing too much computer games is

also bad for you health. How about doing more exercise? It can make you more health and strong. You shouldn’t eat too

much junk food. And if you want to get good grades, you will have to do your homework. I think you will get over it.Sincerely

Mike 8.Unit eight of composition: Demand:假设你有一条宠物狗,讲讲关于他的故事。 My Dog I have a little dog named Coffee. I love him. I always spend time with him. Sometimes we watch TV together. Sometimes we take a walk after dinner. I often go hiking with him. We can understand each other. He always knows what I want him to do. I think the life with a little dog is

perfect. But because the school works, I am afraid I won’t have enough time to spend with him. 9.Unit nine of composition: Demand:介绍你曾经去过的并且留下深刻的印象的地方,70字左右。 Have you ever been to Harbin?Last winter holiday, I went to Harbin with my parents. We have been in there for five days. The weather there was very cold last winter, we even could not say a few words outside city center in the morning. There were many funny people. But the food there was bad. We came here because there were several snow trade shows. These shows were really wonderful. So we were tired but happy. How a beautiful city the Harbin was! 10.你的爷爷下星期过生日,你决定买一只宠物作为生日礼物送给他。 从下面三种动物中选择一种,并说明你为什么选择它。1、rabbit 2、goldfish 3、dog My grandpa’s birthday is in the next week. I

decided to buy a pet as a birthday gift to him . Which

pet should I get for my grandpa ? I think the dog is the best. First,it is cute and interesting . Second, it is useful. It can stand in front of the gate to protect the

house . Third, it is easy to take care of . Fourth ,It will become a company of my grandpa. My grandpa could talk with him everyday .My grandpa is not lonely any more . ours , iao Hua

11. 上周末去了市游乐园,觉得非常有趣,她想把自己的经历告诉笔友Robert,并想知道Robert,并想知道Robert有没有去过游乐园,请你以Joyce的身份给Rober t写一封信。

Dear Robert,

I was happy to receive your letter . How are you? I went to the city’s amusement park last weekend.There were many attractions there ,such as the roller coaster and other sites(). The roller coaster was really exciting . I enjoyed taking it . I also went for a boat ride for half an hour . It was a lot of fun . Have you ever been to an amusement park ? Would you like to tell me your experience?

Yours , Joyce


Dear Nick,

Thank you for your invitation to spend the summer holidays with you . It was very good of you to invite me ,and I really had a good time . I enjoyed the food very much ,and I liked my new friends , too.

I should be very pleased if you could come to my home and stay with us for a few days .I do hope you will come/

Thank you again.


i Ming

13.我可爱的家乡My lovely hometown

My hometown is beautiful. White clouds can be seen in the blue sky. Each season is like a beautiful picture. When spring comes, the whole world turns green. Birds are singing and the rivers run happily ahead. Everything grows fast in summer. When autumn arrives, my hometown is colored golden. In winter, sometimes snow covers the top of the mountains. My hometown is colorful all the year around. I really love my hometown.

14.我的英语学习My English learning

Some students study English by reading English

magazines or newspapers, and some of them are interested in watching English programs on TV. In my opinion, every day, we should insist on reading the textbooks and learning words by heart. Listening to English tapes and keeping diaries are very useful, too.

Singing English songs is also a good way for us to improve our ora(本文来自:WwW.zuowENzhoUkaA.Com 作文周刊:初二我的宠物英语作文)l English. What’s more we should often speak English.

No pains, no gains. I’m sure we’ll make great progress if we keep on working hard at it.

15.一件开心的事A Happy Thing

Last Saturday my classmates and I went to the old

people’s home to help the old people. After we got there , we began to clean the rooms and wash clothes for the old people . We also talk to them. After that we played games

with them. The old people were very happy. They laughed

Yand laughed . And they said “Thank you” again and again.

Though we were tired , we were also glad . Because we

Xhelped other people. I will not forget the happy thing.

16.爱在我身边Love around me

I think love is always around me. When I am in trouble at school, my classmates and teachers often help me. When I am upset, my parents often encourage me. I feel very thankful when they give me their loves. I should show my love to them. When I am happy, I should share my happiness with them. When someone is in trouble, I should try my best to help him. Let's show our love to the people who love us.




U1 Wen Genying was born in 1987 in South Korea. She is a very famous actress. She has many fans all over the world. She likes to play the piano and read comic books when she is free. And she is good at swimming and dancing. She has a happy family. Her grandmother helps her a lot with her acting and teaches her Japanese. She often helpspoor people and gives away some money the people in need. She also sets up a Wen Genying Scholarship(奖学金) for students. I think we

shouldlearn from her.



Dear Chris,

We are planning to climb the BaiYun Mountain this Saturday and sincerely invite you to go with us.

We will get together at the school gate at 8 am and probably come back at 5 pm. To make it a green travel, we will take the bus there. You’d better take your camera to record the beautiful scenery. And don’t forget to take some food, because we plan to have lunch on the top of the hill. Remember, take your umbrella or raincoat in case it rains.

If you can join us, we will be very happy.

Yours, Joe.






Guangzhou lies in the south of china. It is never too hot or too cold in Guangzhou, so it's comfortable to live or travel here. You can go to any place by bus or underground. It's very convenient to travel here. One of the most famuos places in Guangzhou is Guangzhou Tower. It was built in 2010 for the Asia Games. Also you can climb Baiyun Mountain and enjoy the fresh air. During your visit to Guangzhou, don't forget to try some delicious food. Guangzhou has something for everyone, so why not visit Guangzhou this year? 译:



Everyone has his favorite animal. Now my two friends and I are talking about our favorite animals. Lisa likes cats best. She thinks that they can catch mice and they look very lovely. Dogs are Eric's favorite animal. He thinks that they can do lots of things for people and they are the most popular pets. As for me, I like horses best, because they are good at running and they are very beautiful.





Trees take in carbon dioxide from the air and make oxygen. That's

important.People and animals need oxygen to live. Many small animals and inserts live in the trees. Some of them also get food from trees. Trees can also stop water and soil from going away. If we have a lot of trees, we stop deserts from being large. I think this is very important. You know, trees are green. Theycan

make our country even more beautiful.

Trees are our good friends. We should plant more trees and take good care of




For humans, trees have a lot of uses. Trees can provide us with many things, such as fruits, medicine and wood. Trees can produce oxygen for people to breathe, and keep air cool and clean. We can make our environment better by protecting trees. Trees provide a home for animal and birds and provide them with enough food. Trees can help keep the balance of nature. Trees can stop earth moving away with water and make less land become a desert. We can't imagine a world without trees.



I like eating bread with strawberry jam is very expensive in the

supermarket , so I often make it by myself at home. Do you want to learn how to make it? First, buy fresh

strawberries . You'd better pick them on the farm by yourself. second, take the strawberries home and wash them clean. Third, put some sugar in the strawberries. It can make the strawberry jam taste good. Last, heat the strawberries with sugar for about half an hour. Now you can taste the delicious strawberry jam .

译:我喜欢草莓果酱吃面包很贵的超市,所以我经常让它独自在家。你想学怎么做吗?首先,买新鲜的草莓。你最好亲自到农场去。二、把草莓带回家洗干净。第三、在草莓上放些糖。它可以使草莓果酱味道好。最后,热的甜草莓大约半个小时。现在你可以品尝美味的草莓酱。 U7

Dear Bob

I am glad to invite you to a picnic in the park near the sea on this Sunday,2:00PM.To find the places,you can walk along the Xingfu Road, turning right at the second corner,getting through the bridge,and you will enter the Hebin Road, and then go straight away, you will see the small park near the sea.

I hope you can come. We look forward to seeing you

Yours faithfully.


我很高兴邀请你去野餐在海洋附近的公园就在这个星期日,2 00pm.to找到的地方,你可以沿着幸福路走,右转第二角,通过桥,你将进入河滨路,然后一直往前走,你会看到附近的海边的小公园。




of all gifts, I think the computer is the most useful one. Computers can help me find a lot of the latest news can also listen to the pop songs, watching a funny movie. Computer is my learning a good helper. I can use it to download useful learning materials, reading books, students to ask questions. But we can not be a long time using computers. 译:所有的礼品中,我想的计算机是最有用的之一。电脑能帮我找到很多最新的新闻还可以听流行歌曲,看一部有趣的电影。电脑是我学习的好帮手。我可以用它来下载有用的学习资料,看书,学生问问题。但我们不能用电脑很长时间。



1、作文:假如你在网上结识了一名笔友,请你以My pen pal为题介绍一下。(按照中考要求)参考条件少一项扣一分, 70个词,适当可以自己发挥。卷面不干净扣2分。字数不够扣5分。



My pen pal

Hi, everyong ! This is my pen pal from the USA..Her name is__________________________

2、请根据下列所给的信息提示, 以 “ How to keep healthy” 为题写一篇70个词左右的短文.

提示: 1. No sports, no life.生命在于运动.

2. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.一天一个苹果,医生远离我

3. famous proverb 名言

How to keep healthy?




No sports, no life. Do you hear of that? That is to say, we

should take more exercise every day. We can walk, we can run, we can swim,we can skate, or we can play ball games. It’s good for our health.If you want to be healthy,you must get up early in the moring.you don’t eat junk food.It’s not good for the health.

An apple a day keeps doctors away. It’s also a famous proverb. That means we should have good eating habits. Try to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, eat less meat or junk food. We have enough sleep every night. If you do these, I think you can keep healthy.




4、根据提示写一封60-80字的信。Tom 邀请Li Ping 参加他这周日的生日宴会,但Li Ping的父母出差要到下个月回来,奶奶又卧病在床,需要人照顾。再说英语考试即将来临,因此,无法前去参加生日宴会。Li Ping感到很抱歉,只好写


Dear Tom,

Thank you very much for inviting me to your birthday party. I'd love to go but I can't.

My parents——————————————————————————————————————————————————

5、作文:以My favorite TV program 为题,写一篇70个词左右的作文。

参考词汇:interesting、exciting、news、boring…watch TV,TV program,

in one’s free time,

I like …; I love …;I think…,

Idon’t like..(还可以适当发挥)

My favorite program

__________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________


I am going to …

Iwant to….

I will…

I pian to….


7.根据下列表格内容写一篇短文,介绍你的周末计划, 不少于60词。

My plan for the weekend


(范文)I am going to have fun this weekends. On

Saturday morning I’m going bike riding with my best friend. In the afternoon I’m going fishing with my father. I like fishing very much. And in the evening, I’m going to the movies with my family. We’re going to watch a comedy. I

think it’s very interesting. Then on Sunday , I am going

sightseeing in our city all the day. Maybe it can help me know much about our city. And on Sunday evening I’m going to have a rest,

8.上个星期六学生们去西山进行了一次野餐, 请参考所给词语, 描述此次活动.

go to West Hill, by bike, a short rest, after, the foot of , sing, dance, climb, see, hear, happy

Last Saturday we had a



9.根据汉语提示及要求以"My Dream Job"为题用英语写篇短文。

提示: 1. 想成为一名记者。

2. 打算给报纸、杂志写文章。

3. 高中毕业后想去北京上大学。

4. 想在一家电台工作并环游世界。

要求: 1. 条理清楚,语句通顺,语法正确,书写规范;

2. 提示内容全部体现在文章中;

3. 不少于70词。






我有一个非常不寻常的经历,在周日.大约在上午10点,我正在街上走,一个UFO在我的前面着陆.你可以想象这是多么的奇怪!一个外星人走出来,然后沿着中心街走.我跟着它想看看它要去哪,当它走进一个礼品店我很惊奇.当它正在看礼品的时候,店里的售货员给警察打电话.在警察到之前,那个外星人已经离开商店去参观航天博物馆了.当那个外星人在博物馆的时候,我给电视台打了电话.那太令人惊奇了! Unit1

In ten years,I think I will be a reporter. I will live in Shang

Hai ,because I went to ShangHai last year and fall in love with

it . I think it is really a beautiful city. As a reporter I think I will meet lots of interesting people .I think I will live in an apartment with my best friends.because I do not like living alone.I have pets.I can't have pets now because my mother hates them ,and our apartment is too small.So in ten

years,I'll have many pets.I might even keep a pet parrot! I'll probably go skating and swimming every day.During the week I'll look smart and probably will wear a suit .At the weekends,I'll probably dress more carefully.I thing I'll go to HongKong on vacation,and one day I might even visit Australia




班级 姓名得分

第一部分 听力(30分)

Ⅰ. 听句子,选择正确图片。每个句子读一遍。(5分)

A. B.C.D.E.

1._______ 2._______ 3._______ 4._______ 5._______

Ⅱ. 听句子,选择正确答语。每个句子读一遍。(5分)

( )6.A.Often. B.Two days. C.About an hour. ( )7.A.Go swimming. B.Go skiing. C.Go fishing. ( )8.A.Because it’s interesting. B.Because I know little about it. C.Because it’s boring. ( )9.A.I used to listen to music. B.I enjoy dancing. C.I like fishing. ( )10.A.Good idea! B.You are right. C.Thank you.

Ⅲ. 听对话及问题,选择正确答案。每组对话及问题读两遍。(10分)

( )11.A.Traveling. B.Reading. C.Cooking. ( )12.A.Because it’s beautiful.

B.Because it’s clean.

C.Because it’s clever. ( )13.A.She used to watch TV at home.

B.She used to go swimming. C.She used to go to the movies.

( )14.A.Doing sports.

B.Readingn novels. C.Traveling.

( )15.A.Listening to music. B. Collecting stamps. C. Collecting pictures.

Ⅳ. 听短文,选择正确答案。短文读两遍。(10分)

( )16.John and Michael are _______. A.brothers B.friends C.classmates ( )17.Michael is good at _______. A.playing the guitar B.dancing C.singing ( )18.Michael is _______ boy. A.a quiet B.a funny C.an honest ( )19.John used to collect _______. A.stamps and toys B.coins C.cards ( )20._______ favorite star is Michael Jackson. A.John’s B.Michael’s C.John and Michael’s

第二部分 基础知识运用


( )1.A. At last B.At the endC.In the end of D.In any way ( )2. —May I speak to John, please? —A.Don’t wait B.Pick up the line C.Wait a moment D.morning to night ( A. hate B.enjoyC.am afaid of D.fond ( A.When I free B.When I be freeC.in my have time D.in my free time (A.Why were you B.Why do youC.Why don’t you D.Why don’t

二. 单项选择。(20分)

( .A.to play; run B.to play;runningC.play; running D.play; run ( )7. —Could I speak to miss Lai, please?—

A.Thank you very much. B.I don’t know

C.She won’t answer. D.Hold on, please.

( when your parents came back? A.are;doing B.were; doing C.did; do D.do; do

( )9.During those have their meals. A. too; can’t B. too;to C. so; can’tD. so; to (A. of B.at C.to D.in (A.to haveB.haveC.to beD.be ( to folk music.

A.listeningB.listenC.listened D.to listen ( folk music.

A.forB.as C.atD.when ( A.borrow; to B.lend; from C.borrow; from D.lend; to ( someone knocked at the door.A.whileB.as C.atD.when

( ’t like plying them. A.playB.playingC.to play D.played ( July 10th,1993.

A.in B.atC.on D.around ( A.to teach; learn B.teach; to learnD.to teach; to learnD.teaching; learning ( ’in it.

A.interesting; interesting C..interesting; interested D.interested; interestedD.interested; interesting

( rock music. It can make him excited.A.listening to B.listening C.listen toD.hear ( )21.Look!beautiful girl!

A.WhatB.What a C.How D.What an

( A.a; aB.the; theC./; the D.the; / ( A.watch B.was watching C.watched D.were watching ( .

A.in the 1980B.in the 1980sC.in 1980s D.in 1980’s ( ’s start at once.

A.to B.on C.with D.about


Many students have hobbies, such as reading, painting, growing vegetables in their gardens, and looking animals. can make you grow, develop your interests and help you learn new skills.

David Smith is a student. His hobby is . In senior high school, he wrote a book and it came out in 2007. Many teenagers(青少年 his book. As a result, David is a successful (有成就的) young now.

David is very lucky his hobby has brought him enjoyment and success. But he thinks of writing only one of his many hobbies or interests. He is in many other things.“I like playing badminton (羽毛球), too.”says David. And he is a member of the school badminton team.

Remember that we spend all our time on our favorite hobby. There are many other interesting things in life, and we should try to do something new or different. ( )26.A.at B.for C.up D.after ( )27.A.Friends B.Hobbies C.Habits D.Life ( )28.A.reading B.painting C.writing D.fishing ( )29.A.like B.show C.hate D.sell ( )30.A.writer B.editor C.scientist D.lawyer (律师) ( )31.A.though B.because C.however D.if ( )32.A.as B.with C.for D.to ( )33.A.interesting B.interest C.interested D.interests ( )34.A.should B.shouldn’t C.must D.needn’t ( )35.A.making B.to make C.doing D.to do

Ⅳ. 阅读理解。(30分)


Coffee has become the most popular drink in America. Today American people drink more coffee than people in any other countries. People drink coffee at breakfast, at lunch, at dinner and between meals. They drink hot coffee or coffee with ice in it. They drink it at work and at home.

People around the world drink coffee. Some people like coffee that is black (纯) and strong (浓), but other people like coffee with cream (奶酪) or sugar, or both cream and sugar in it. In all the ways it is served, coffee has become an international drink.


( )36.The most popular drink in the United States is milk. ( )37.People drink coffee at any time.

( )38.In this passage there are three different kinds of coffee.

( )39.“Coffee has become an international drink.” means “People all over the world drink coffee nearly.” ( )40.Coffee isn’t a kind of food, but a kind of drink.


A hobby is not a job or a school subject. A hobby is something you enjoy doing in your spare time.

It’s not something you need to do. It’s just fun. Some people make model ships, keep pets, plant flowers, play computer games or chat on the Internet. Some paint pictures or dance to music. Some collect everything from stamps to seashells (海贝壳) ... People take up hobbies because they think these activities can bring them many things like happiness, friendship and knowledge. Anyone, rich or poor, old or young, sick or well, can have a hobby. A hobby will make your life colorful. ( )41.What is a hobby? A.A job.B.A school subject. C.Something interesting.

D.Something you enjoy doing in your spare time.

( )42.How many hobbies are mentioned(提到) in this passage? A.7. B.8. C.9. D.10. ( )43.Hobbies can bring people _______. A.much moneyB.health C.happiness, friendship and knowledge D.lots of trouble ( )44.What kind of people can have a hobby? A.Rich or poor. B.Old or young. C.Sick or well. D.A、B and C. ( )45.When do people often take up hobbies? A.In their work time. B.In the daytime. C.In their free time.D.In the holiday.


If someone ask me “ Do you like music?” I’m sure I will answer hin or her “Of course, I do.” Because I think music is an important part of our lives.

Different people have different ideas of music. For me,I like rock music because it’s exciting. And my favorite rock band is one of the most famous rock bands in the world. I alsolike pop music. My classmate Julia loves dance music because she enjoys dancing. My best friend, Jenny, likes jazz music. She thinks jazz is really cool.

“I like dance music and rock music very much,” says my brother, “because they are anazing(精彩的)”

But my mother thinks rock music is boring. “I like some relaxing music,” she says. That’s why she likes country music, I think.

( )46.The writer likes music because he thinks it’part of our life. A.relaxing B.amazing


( )47.What kind of music does the writer like?

A.Rock and pop music B.Jazz and dance music C.Jazz and country music D.Dance and rock music ( )48.Who likes dancing?

A.The writerB.The writer’s brother C.Jenny D.Julia

( )49.The writer’A.amazing B.boring C.relaxing D.exciting

( )50.How many people’s ideas of music are talked about in this passege? A. 4 B. 5 C. 6D. 7

第三部分 写作(25分)



in English. How can we help him?(interest) 4.Yao Ming’


1.I don’ ( 养宠物) is good for your health.在我的空闲时间)

以??闻名) its beautiful mountains and waters. (拉小提琴)?

过去常常) go shopping on weekends. But now she does some cleaning at home.


根据自己的情况以 My Hobbies为题写一篇60词左右的短文。提示词:favorite spare happiness healthy

篇七:7B Unit 6 巩固练习答案

7B Unit 6 巩固练习答案


A. 根据首字母提示写单词。

1. I like p________ best of all the birds because they can speak.

2. Kitty usually f________ her dog food three times a day.

3. A r________ has two long ears sand like eating vegetables and carrots.

4. How many m________ did the cat catch? Four.

5.We like to play t_________ on each other on April Fool’s Day.

6. If you are in t___________, please call me for help.

7. Kitty keeps her pet in a h__________.

8. There’s nothing in the box. It’s e_______________.

9. The f____________ of a panda is black and white.

10. Listen! Someone is k_____________ at the door.

11. I have a sister c___________ Amy.

12.You shouldn’t spend too much time p__________ with your pet.

B. 根据汉语或英文提示写单词。

13. It’s dangerous to ____________(拿) a mouse in your hand.

14. The boy looks at me with eyes open__________(张大地).

15. My dog never____________(咬) people.

16. Look, he is_____________(追赶) a dog.

17. Tom ___________(躲藏) in the house, I couldn’t find him.

18. We do morning exercises___________(一次) a day.

19.Don’t____________(run after) the cat.

20. My father likes ____________ (search the forest for animals).


1. You should_________(is) happy now.

2. I _________(catch) five ___________(goldfish) yesterday.

3. I want to teach him___________(speak)。

4. This is the ______________(speak) pet.

5. There are some __________(mouse) in this _________(build)

6. She wants___________(get) a pet.

7. Who is the___________(clever) in your class?

8. My dog is ____________(friend) to everyone.

9. How____________( wonder) he played the piano!

10. I _________(take) care of my dog until the end.

11. Don’t be so___________(noise). Dad is sleeping.

12. The workers__________(build) this hospital last year.

13. They will go___________(camp) next weekend.

14. I like____________(watch) my fish___________(swim) around.

15. We don’t need__________(walk) the cats.

16. Daniel exercises at____________(little) __________(two) a week.

17. He looks___________(worry),what’s wrong?

18. ______________ (not forget) to bring your ball here.

19. They have two___________(brush).

They___________(brush) the dog’s fur already.

20. John is a _________ boy.He always does the work________(care).

His mum is often angry with him.


1. ------What__________ your cat like?

--------It’s lovely and cheerful.

A .does B. isC. looksD. are

2. ------How often do you clean your room?


A. This afternoon B. Only once

C. For four daysD. Three times a week

3. You ___________to take your schoolbag to school tomorrow.

A do not need B. need not

C. needn’t D. A, B and C

4. He _________sleep too much ________eat too much.

A .never, and B. never, or

C. doesn’t, or D. doesn’t , and

5. What a fine day! Why not____________ out for a walk?

A .goB. to go

C. don’t go D. going

6. You can’t play games____________ you finish your homework.

A. until B. after

C. whileD. because

7. Don’t just _________ your own feelings.

A .care of B. take care of

C .care for D. care about

8. -------Don’t be late again, Mary.

-- ----- Sorry, I ___________.

A. don’t B. am not

C. didn’t D. won’t

9. Don’t let the students__________ all the time,.

Tell them __________ a rest sometimes.

A. study, haveB. study, to have

C. to study, to have D. to study, have

10. If you look___________ at the two pictures, you’ll find the differences between them.

A. carefulB. carefully

C. careless D. carelessly

11. Bad news__________.

A. have wingB. has no wing

C. have no wingsD. has wings

12. Goldfish are______________________.

A. easily to look after B. easy to look after

C. easily to look after them D. A, B and C

13. We often take our dog____________ a walk.

A .for B. to C. inD. on

14.We should keep our classroom _____________.

A. cleaning B. cleaned

C. clean D. A, B and C

15. Rabbits eat____________ vegetables and goldfish sleep___________.

A. a lot, a lot ofB. a lot of, a lot

C. lots of, a lot of D. a lot, lots of

16.-----What about going boating this weekend?

------That___________ great.

A. hearsB. sounds

C. listensD. sounds like

17.-------- _________ did your uncle stay in hospital last year?

--------About two months.

A. How often B. How much

C. How longD. When

18. -----___________you like to go hiking with me?

--------Yes, I ___________.

A. would, wouldB. will, will like

C. would, would love D. would, would like to.

19. ------Please bring me _______________black packet.

------- Oh, sorry, I can’t see it. But there’s ________ blue one here.

A. the, a B. the, an

C. a, the D. the, the

20. -----Whose pencil case is this?

-------It ______________my brother, Tom.

A. belongs to B. looks like

C. is D. owns


A: ___________1_________?

B: I like cats best.

A: _____2__________?

B: Because they are very friendly.

A: ________3_____________________?

B: Yes, I have a white cat. It’s very lovely.

A: _________4___________________?

B: I feed it fish and rice.

A: _______5___do you give it a shower?

B: Once a week.


1. 不要喂你的金鱼太多食物。

__________ ___________ your goldfish ________ _________ food.

2. 你的狗吓到了那个女孩, 把它带回家去。

Your dog ___________ that girl, please_________ it____________.

3. 你最喜爱的宠物是什么? 兔子。

_________ is ___________ ____________ _____________?_________.


She __________ __________ ________ her son, but she couldn’t _________ him__________.


________ ___________ __________ ____________, take_________ ___________, and you will ___________ ____________.

6. 我喜欢我的鹦鹉因为它会唱歌。

I like my_________ because it is ________ __________ ___________.



1. 很小很可爱,白色的毛,眼睛大而黑,两只黑色耳朵,短短的腿

2. 不吃太多,爱吃肉和骨头。喜欢躺在沙发上睡觉,有时睡在一个大盒子里。

3. 在花园里玩时有时会追猫和小鸡,但从不咬它们。

4. 你每天和弟弟每天带它去外面散步。

5. 非常聪明,有时会给你拿一些小东西。

6. 全家都喜爱它,会一直照顾它。


7B Unit 6 巩固练习答案

一.1.parrots 2.feeds 3.rabbit 4.mice 5.tricks 6. trouble 7. hutch 8.empty 9.fur 10.knocking

11.called 12.playing13.hold 14.wide 15. bites 16.chasing 17.hid 18.once 19.chase 20.hunting二.1.be 2.caught,goldfish 3.to speak 4.speaker’s 5.mice, building 6.to get7.cleverest 8.friendly

9.wonderfully 10.will take 11.noisy 12.built 13.camping 14.to watch,swim 15.to walk 16.least, twice 17.worried 18.Don’t forget 19.brushes,have brushed 20.careless.carelessly三.1---5BDACA,6-10ADDBB11-15,DBACB16-20,BCDAA四。1.What’s your favourite pet

2.Why 3.Do you have a pet 4.What do you feed it 5.How often五.1.Don’t feed too much

2.frightened take home 3.what your favourite pet,rabbits 4.looked around for find anywhere 5. Don’t eat too much,more exercise,be healthy 6.parrot able to sing

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