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    Childhood, be like a multicolored rich in hues box, in have many flash interesting recollection.Along with the passage in time, the recollection have has already been covered with dust, but has of recall but drive time of the flowing water flush Be getting brighter.  
    The time remembered me and had no up the primary school, a Saturday afternoon, I see it"s yet early at home alone, turn on a television.The that time is broadcast 《white Niang sub- legend 》.The bookworm allowed fairy to meet white Niang son in the light drizzle falling thick and fastly and he was been surprised and foolish by the beauty of white snake a while.You see his at a loss what to do, two eye hairs keep, surprised have to match not Long mouth.Serious I was also been surprised and foolish by the beauty of white Niang son at that time.  
    Thered is a thing to intrude into my view at this time, that be the mother of-disguise box.I intend to turn a disguise, compare them with him and see who the most beautiful and beautiful.Hence, I sit before dresser and open the mother"s disguise box.!The inside colorful beautiful color piece how put on?Can"t, shine on a cat painting a tiger.Want white Niang son what appearance, I how put on.I use cotton regiment son first to stand fresh and red rouge and go toward face ascend on put on, immediately.Appeared a "deep red tunic" water turnip in mirror, I was left to see right to see and up see the bottom see, always feel not that easy on the eyes, again the mother"s powder is on the face small and softly on put on, much more good-looking.Immediately after I the mother"s lipstick 1 are "two" words in the mouth the top the painting, see a mirror and have some with a revolting feeling.Presented Liu3 Ye4 Mei2 of the white Niang son in my brain at this time.Ha ha!I come to again to"put life into".Can seek around eyebrow pencil of can not find the mother also.My eyebrows a wrinkly, nasty and last at heart.Nasty win to living Zhi, I was straight-tempered to picked up regular small script Chinese brush-pen to have some Mo, Zhan Zhan tinily drew 2 on the eyebrow is "a" words.Think of those two"a" forms now like caterpillar.I can not consider of to see in mirror and then turn over out the mother"s jewelries jewelry to all take up, this be the quasi- big beauty of a mark standard!Ha ha!  
    Because too happy, I start to wear the mother"s high-heeled shoes to spring up a dance in the house!Jump, a burst of the footstep voice for acquaint with be gradually near and I think and must be a mother back and I came right away a cool shape, prepare accolade her.Mother an into the door, I give her a flying kiss.Frighten she soon sprang up to come.I cannot help but Wu to live belly"ha ha ha...."The ground smiled to get up and mother"s along while just returned to absolute being to say:"My old my goodness!I still think that I walk wrong door!" 
    The mother lets go of a wrap of the inside of the hand to pull me to the pond side and Be wash and say:"Kid oneself have a kind of childish manner United States to be like the blossom that the Za open similar, clean and pure and natural.You bent on having a disorderly painting on the blossom, would the flower be also beautiful?Waited you to grow up, I taught you how to make up like?" 
    I lower the head and embarrassedly smiled.  
    The day that is henceforth inside, this matter became the laughing stock of whole family.Often remind of, I still cannot help but roar with laughter.It is like a jumpy note and increase a happy melody for my childhood movement.