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篇一:人教版高一必修一高一Unit 1-4 作文参考


Unit 1 建议信


I would like to suggest that…

I am writing with my suggestion proposal about…

I am writing to express views concerning?

You have asked me for my advice with regard to…and I will try to make some conductive suggestions.


I feel that it would be beneficial if…

I would like to suggest that…

I would recommend that…

If I were you, I would…

You may consider doing…

It would seem to me that you could…

As you may agree that…


I hope you will find these suggestions/proposals/recommendations helpful/practical/ useful. I trust you will take my suggestion into account.

I would be more than happy to see improvements in this regard.

I would be ready to discuss this matter to further details.


Dear Xiaodong,

I’m sorry you are having trouble in making friends. However, the situation is easy to change if you take my advice. Here are some tips to help you.

Firstly, why not ask people their likes and dislikes? If you do this, you will find some classmates with the same interests. And it’s easier for you to communicate with them and find some topics to share since you might have something in common. Secondly, you should join in discussions and show interest in other people’s ideas. Then you can get to know different people and let them see you are friendly. But if you don’t, you shouldn’t feel afraid to say, for example, “That sounds interesting. What is it about?” Once you start talking to one person, it will get easier to talk to other.

Thirdly, it would be a good idea if you offer help when people are in trouble. By doing this, people will believe you are a kind boy, they will be glad to make friends with you.

I hope you’ll find these ideas useful. Good luck!

Yours, Miss Wang

Unit 2 “My experience of learning English”

Useful Expression

I ( don’t ) like …

I’m fond of … /I’m interested in …

I’m crazy about …/

I’m poor in / not good at listening… /I have some trouble with …

I have some difficulty in …. / I find … difficult / hard to learn …


Learning English is a very painful experience for me. At the very beginning, it is very hard for me to express myself in English. Whenever I tried my best to speak English in class, I would be laughed by my classmates. After that I had no confidence to speak English any more. I suffered a lot in the class because I did not want to lose face in front of my friends. Gradually, I found it had nothing to do with my English study. I had made a fool of myself. I realized that the best way to prove myself is to study harder and caught up with others. So I seized every chance to speak English in class as well as in free talk. What’s more, I did morning reading every day. I continued working till now. To my great joy, I can speak beautiful English now. The experience is painful but also helpful.


Dear Mr. Li,

I’m glad to tell you that I have made great progress in my English study since I become a senior high student.

When I started senior English in the beginning, I found it much more difficult than what we learned in junior school and I almost lost heart. Later, I realized the importance of English, so I got up early every morning, recited English words, listened to English tapes and did a lot of exercises. I also asked my teachers and classmates for better ways of learning English.

Now, I’m improving my English greatly. And I’m getting more and more interested in learning it. Thank you so much for your great help in your class. Wish you all the best!

Yours, Li Hua

Unit 3 My travel experience

表示时间顺序的词: First of all, then, after that, later, finally

in the early morning, in the morning, at noon,

in the afternoon, in the late afternoon, at dusk,

at night, at midnight,

next day…


Last summer holiday, I went to HaiNan with my family. The weather was pleasant! The sky was blue more than I could describe, the sea was blue and bright more than I could believe. Walking by the sea is just like being in the oil painting! We sailed to an island called Xidao. I swam there. Swimming in the sea is quite different from that in a pool. Bedsides swimming, we also had a good meal there. We had a nice seafood dish. And I bought back many beautiful shells. If you want to have a look, you may ask me. Or, we may go to Hainan together, for I am always hoping to come to that place again. I really like that place, a place of blue and brightness.


Dear Li Ping:

The National Day is over. We spent a happy 7-day long leave.

My parents and I went to the countryside not far away from our home to have a two-day trip by bicycle. We set out at 7 o’clock in the morning on October 1. My dad and I took different kinds of things for our picnic. Having got there, we began to fish. After that we enjoyed my mum’s cooking, which was very delicious. Cycling there made myself completely relaxed, beautiful scenery and warmth with my parents made me a lot happier. Besides, we stayed in my uncle’s and had a small family party there at night. We returned the next afternoon. That is a better National Day for me. Hope to hear from you soon.


Wang Fei

Unit 4 演讲


1. 这是一座新兴的现代化城市,建于20世纪90年代初;

2. 海陆空交通便利,又有一条与首都北京相连的高速公路(freeway);

3. 自然资源丰富,电力及其他能源供应充足;

4. 公共秩序(the public order)良好,政府多方面支持外国投资者(investor)。 注意:短文开头已写出,不计入总词数。


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to our city. Now let me introduce our city to you. Our city is a newly-built modern city. It was set up in the early 1990s, but it has been developing rapidly. From here you can travel to anywhere by water, by air or by land. Recently another freeway which is connected with Beijing has started being used. The areas around our city are rich in natural resources. And we have enough supplies of electricity and other forms of energy. The public order is very nice. Besides, the governments of our country and our city support foreign investors in many aspects. We expect more and more foreign friends to come and invest in our city.

That’s all. Thank you.

假如今年6月2日澳大利亚中学生代表团(delegation)一行十人到你校参观,请以“The Australian Middle School Student Visit Our School”为题写一篇新闻报道,投寄给当地的《中学生英文报》。主要内容如下:







The Australian Middle School Student Visit Our School

A delegation of 10 Australian middle school students visited our school on June 2nd.They arrived at around 9 a.m. Everyone in our school were really excited about this and gave them warm welcomes. The welcoming ceremony started at 9:30. Our headmaster and foreign friends gave some speeches respectively. After the meeting, our foreign friends visited our classrooms, labs, libraries and school-oriented factories. They felt very happy about them and they decided to take an English class with us. At 3 p.m. foreign friends have a symposium with part of our students and teachers. The delegation team left at 5 p.m..Both they and we had a good time.


- 1 - 必修一20篇英语作文 作文1 假设你是吴东 , 你在网上认识了一个美国朋

友 Jack, 他来信向你诉说交朋友的烦恼 , 他要求你就 friendship 这个话题发表你的观点和

看法并给他一些建议。于是你根据你所了解的情况 , 给他回了一封 e-mail 。 [ 写作内容 ]

1. 友谊是每个人生活中最重要的事情之一 , 没有朋友 , 人会孤独的2. 多与朋友交流 ,

让朋友知道你想与他交朋友以及你对朋友和友谊的理解 3. 真正的朋友应该同甘共苦4.

邀请朋友参加一些活动如游泳、球赛等 , 赢得真正的友谊。

Dear Jack,

I'm glad to have received your e-mail but I am sorry you are having some trouble in making


In my opinion,friendship is one of the most important things in everyone's life because

without friends we will suffer loneliness. If you would like to take my advice, you'll win real

friendship. First, why not communicate with your friend when possible and tell him/her what you

think about friends and friendship and let him/her know that you want to make friends with

him/her. Secondly, you should learn to share your happiness and sorrow with your friends.

Thirdly,it would be a good idea if you like to invite him/her to join in some activities such as

swimming and ball games, which can make you learn to appreciate your friends and cherish your


I hope you will find these opinions and ideas useful.Best wishes!


Wu Dong

作文2 假设你是李华 , 你所在学校拟在下周开一个 " 如何高效地学习英语 " 的讲座。请

你根据以下要点给史密斯教授写一封信 , 邀请他给学生做这次讲座。信的内容包括 : 讲座

目的 : 让学生了解英语学习策略讲座内容 : 如何高效学习英语 , 如何提高学习英语的

兴趣 , 如何自主学习 讲座时间 : 1 小时 30 分钟左右。 参考词汇 : 策略 strategy Dear

Professor Smith,

Our school is planning to have a lecture on how to learn English effectively for middle

school students next week and I'm writing to ask you to come and give a talk on English

learning strategies. It will help us understand how to learn English in effective ways and

also increase our interest in learning it, thus making us learn it actively. Do you think one

and a half hours will be enough for such a lecture? Please let me know as soon as possible so

that I can make arrangements.

Looking forward to seeing you and enjoying the lecture.

Best wishes.


Li Hua

作文3 假设你叫Jessie,你的加拿大笔友James 想了解一下你将要参加的2007年全国中学


并邀请他参加你们的活动。回信的日期:2007-12-10 Welcome to Our Winter

Camp 2007 营址:大连 活动时间:2007年12月底,共4天 参加人员:来自全国各地的

英语爱好者;中国,美国,英国和澳大利亚的英语老师 活动内容:举行英语演讲比赛;观看


December 10, 2007

Dear James,

Nice to hear from you again! As you know, this winter vacation, at the end of December, 2007, we English-lovers from all over the country will go to a four-day English Winter Camp in Dalian. Some English teachers from China, the USA, England and Australia will join us. In the camp, we will have an English speaking competition, watch some wonderful performances given by the students and visit some places of interest in Dalian. Besides, we will exchange our English learning experience and talk about our colorful school life in English. I think this winter camp will greatly improve my spoken English and I will make some new friends there. I do hope you will come and join us.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,


作文4 假定你是一名高中生,一次一位外国朋友问你,除了在学校学习英语之外还有什么其它途径练习英语。请你根据提示用英语(词数: 100左右)写出你参加“英语角” 的情况。 提示:1、“英语角” 于两年前成立,许多中学生参加,有时也有些大学生和外国友人来此。 2、活动时间:每周六上午。 3、活动内容:练习英语口语,谈论大家共同感兴趣的事情,交

流学习英语的经验等。 4、谈你参加此项活动的体会。 参考词汇:“英语角”:English corner

I’m a senior student. I like English very much. Besides attending English lessons at school, I often go to the English corner in the park near my home on Saturday morning. It was set up (formed) two years ago. Many high school students gather there. Sometimes, some college students and even foreign friends are present at the English corner. There, we practice our spoken English, talk about what we are interested in, exchange our experience in learning English and so on. I’ve learned a lot. I have greatly improved myself in English since I visited it. It is really a great help to me.

- 3 - 作文5 以Nature为题写一篇100词左右的英语短文。要点如下: 1. 简述人类对大自然的依赖。2. 随着人类的发展,生态平衡遭到破坏,人类生存的环境受到严重污染。人类正在受到大自然的惩罚。3. 我们要善待自然,自然也会关照我们。 Nature

Nature is the mother of mankind. We get almost everything from her. We live on natural food. We make clothes from natural materials. And we build our houses of stone and wood. However, with the development of human beings, man has destroyed the balance of nature. Water, air and soil have been badly polluted. Some kinds of animals and plants have died out completely. As a result, man is being punished by nature. Many people suffer a lot from all kinds of diseases caused by pollution. We should treat nature well and she will look after us.

作文6 假如你是一名建筑工人(builder),名叫李华。在修建地基时挖出一些古代文物。一部分人建议(suggest)卖掉,可以得到一些钱,但你不同意。请你用英语给China Daily的编辑写一封信反映此情况,阐明你的理由,并提出建议。参考词汇:修建地基 lay a foundation of;财产 wealth;捐赠 donate?to?

Dear Editor,

I’m a builder. When other builders and I laid a foundation of a building, we dug out

some ancient cultural relics. At that time, some people suggested we sell them so that we could get some money. But I didn’t agree with them because I think these cultural relics are our country’s wealth. As Chinese people, we should protect them. So I told the other builders we shouldn’t sell them, because cultural relics represent a country’s culture and history. Besides, we should donate these culture relics to our country in case they might be sold abroad secretly. We shouldn’t lose


Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

作文7 假设你是李华,请你用英语写一封信,向你的美国笔友Peter简单介绍有关乒乓球运动在中国的开展情况。具体内容包括: 1. 乒乓球是中国的国球。乒乓球运动在中国开展得非常广泛,不管是老人还是孩子,几乎人人会打乒乓球。 2. 在中国,乒乓球台案非常普及。不管是在公园、广场,还是在工作单位,随处都摆放着乒乓球台案。 3. 中国乒乓球运动员的技术非常高。自1959年容国团在第25届世界乒乓球锦标赛上取得世界冠军后,中国产生过无数的乒乓球世界冠军。

Dear Peter,

I’m very glad to know that you are a table tennis fan. So am I. Table tennis is the national ball of China. Almost everyone in China, whether old or young, can play it. The tables for playing it can be seen here and there, in parks, squares and in many working places, even at some people’s homes.The Chinese table tennis players have very excellent skills. Since 1959 when a man named Rong Guotuan won the first world champion at the 25th World Table Tennis

篇三:必修1 高中英语 unit 1话题作文



get to know sb.认识某人 know sb.really well 熟知某人 make friends with sb.和某人交朋友 a strong personality 一个很强的个性 personal matters 隐私 friendship 友谊 friendly 友好的 a close friend 一个亲密的朋友 trust each other 相互信任 precious 珍贵的 worthy 有价值的 understanding 通情达理的 share…with sb.与某人分享…… be loyal to 对……忠诚 keep in touch with sb.与某人保持联系 keep company with sb.和某人结交 stay best friends with sb.和某人保持很好的友谊


Ladies and gentlemen,

It's my honor to stand here and say something about friendship.

First, I think everyone needs friends and is eager to get friendship.When you are happy, you can share your happiness with your friends and when you are sad, you can complain to your friends.If you are arrogant, your friends can persuade you and they can make you confident and brave when you are discouraged.

Second, as we all know, friendship is valuable.It can touch your heart and give you hope.Many people are proud of having a good friend.We must cherish our friends when we are happy with our friends.We should try our best to protect the friendship from being hurt.

We will meet a lot of friends in our life.We should find the people who can understand us and share not only happiness but also sadness.When you lose it, both you and your friend will feel very sorrowful.So you can't give up those friends, please don't forget to keep in touch with your old friends, because staying with old friends is cherishable.

Finally, just as an old saying goes, love comes and goes but friendship stays.It's sweet and poetic, full of tears, hopes and happiness.So let's cherish friendship!

That's all.Thank you for listening.


I. 必修一

Unit 1

Topic: Friendship

A letter to news agency

We recently had a survey about the parents’ opinions to adolescents’ idols.

Some are well concerned about it that their children can’t get along well with others for they are spellbound by their idols,they are so crazy for them that they try to imitate anything their idols do! For this reason, they raise a lot of problems home and at school. The parents think the idols have hidden away something on purpose that isn’t good and make glosses of well-off situations that the students could not judge! They hold the idea that the idols cheat their fans and have a bad effect on their children!

On the contrary, some parents are not upset about it and think it is a nature that children should have their heroes. Good examples from the idols can add experience to students, which makes it known that success comes with hard work. The trust and the concern that students keep to idols will do good to them.

We know every coin has two sides. As long as parents and the whole society guide adolescents properly, letting them go through something happy or sad and something hard or easy and sharing love and pain, the adolescents can develop healthily. And that is the really meaningful point!

Unit 2

Topic: English around the world

An epitome of American culture

The United States of America is an immigrant county with all kind of races from all over the world, such as Africans, Asians, Europeans and South Americans, with the Indians its natives. Because of it, the USA is a country with colorful but special culture, in which English is a good example.

The British had ruled America for over 300 years so the English play an important role in USA and becomes its only official language. If someone asks who do say only one language, the answer must be Americans. But the language differs from area to area in USA, for most of Americans have strong accent but less dialect. You can recognize Americans and know he is southeastern (one speaks a bit slow but clearly)or northeastern (one speaks quickly) by their accents. You also can tell them from Englishmen by the words and phrases which they use. Take the followings as an example, if you hear an English-speaking person says “would you like to my flat for diner tonight?”, but not says: “would you like to my department…?” he may be an English but not American.

In the modern time the USA play a most important part in the international affairs and many people regard American English as the standard English. Believe it or not, many people retell what the Americans say and try to learn a mouthful of American accent!

American English is an epitome of American culture which shows The USA is tolerant, easy-going, but commanding!

Unit 3

Topic: travel journal

Journey home and abroad

Having a journey home or abroad is a general topic for us, going everywhere, enjoying all kinds of attractions and taking everything into your eyes and minds will improve your attitude to the whole world!

You meet the local people, get familiar with their custom, enjoy their foods and can have a feast of exotic events. If necessary, you even can keep a record of them in detail in your journal for the pleasure of afterthought!

Supposed you are brave enough, you can try having cycling instead of spending lots of fare on your transportation by car, train or plane, for cycling can benefit you with the most beautiful mountains, deep valleys and widest plains. You have the wonder of nature give in to you! Just think of it and it is so attractive! By the way, you can do so on condition that you are strong and stubborn enough and have a proper plan before action! If you do so, no matter how wide the plain is or what the altitude of the mountain is, since you are determined, you can achieve them!

So, why are you hesitating? Just do it!

Unit 4

Topic: Earthquakes

A letter to a pen friend

Dear Mike,

It is 3 months since I last heard from you! in the letter you asked me something about the earthquake happening in my hometown and wanted to offer me some help. Thank you from the deepest bottom of my heart!

The earthquake occurred at night. We just felt the earth shook fiercely and it rose and fell sharply. Thousands of people came out of their house to find shelters! The walls of many buildings cracked and collapsed! When the earthquake was at an end, it ruined all the fortunes of the town, cutting off the supply of water and electricity! A great number of people got injured; some even were buried under the ruins! Luckily, the government called in the army and organized a lots of people to rescue the people, they sent the injured to hospital and dug out the buried, sending them to hospital too. Though the disaster causes huge damage, but after a storm comes a calm, everything here is now returning to normal, the government are preparing something to predict earthquake. By the way, I am rewarded with the honor of Brave Citizen for having helped the injured people to hospital I am excited though I was fresh at that!

How are you going? Hope to hear from you again!

May everything of you go well!


Unit 5

Topic: Nelson Mandela--- a modern hero

Hero or criminal

The whole society need some or someone to keep it moral and just


. So heroes are a necessity to the whole society.

Heroes somehow in people’s opinion present a good quality of helping others in trouble and lead the whole nation to fight for dependence when the country is invaded by foreigners. They are always active and never lose heart. They have the basic social moral principles to maintain the society to be normal, for example, seeking equal right for all races. No matter whether they are well educated in school, they are accepted by the whole society, so many of them have been sincerely worshiped as God in different stages of the human history.

But thing is always like it that God is coming with Evil. Criminals are often the terror of the ordinary people. The societies worry about it that they cause much trouble and violence to them. So

they make laws to keep the society peaceful by setting up courts to sentence the criminals to some kinds of punishments. For this reason, people are willing to have heroes rather than criminals.

But as a matter of fact, people nowadays can’t tell one is hero or criminal. Many cases in which a civilized hero turned criminal for bribery or gambling have betrayed people’s common sense. Some with good degree have been rewarded by doing crimes continuously, this is what people fear!


Unit 1

Topic: Cultural relics


1. could have done sth.

2. it takes sb. some time to do something

3. there is no doubt

4. it is no wonder

5. rather than

6. more than

Bronze Vessel Robbery solved

XinHua News An ancient bronze vessel robbery recently was solved by police in Henan Province.

The officer says the rare Vessel is a relic belonging to one of emperors in Xia Dynasty. It is 4 years since it was robbed on its way from Beijing to Guang Zhou as a gift for Guangzhou Museum. Since then the police had been looking into the incident. They were trying find out the eyewitnesses and being in search of any practical evidence of the Vessel.

Several months later the police were informed by one maid. She said that she found a metal vessel with fancy design was on its way secretly to a village with the help of some guys, doubting it and reporting it to police. It proved true when the police pretended to be buyers and saw the Vessel. Officers said the guys were about to heat and melt the treasure as they were caught but luckily the Vessel remained in mint state.

Besides, the maid, in return, was highly thought of and rewarded a large sum.

Unit 2

Topic: The Olympic Games

Writing: Report writing

Structure: the Future passive Voice

The Beijing Olympics

The Olympic Games dates back to more than 2,000 years ago in Greece. As it is, it is an ancient sports meeting in which people keep on taking part in from one generation to another. They compete for honor, for prize as well as for physical health, so getting rewarded with gold, silver or even bronze medal will be great honor for every competitor. In addition, one after another country in the world is eager to host the Olympics and promises to the whole world that the coming

Olympics will be the best one, they set up advanced stadium and gym with high-techs to bid for the Olympics.

As a matter of fact, to host Olympics requires lot of money. So nowadays the Olympics are usually related with merchant business, or rather, with lot of advertisements, in which the most famous is NIKE , Addidas, Coca Cola etc. With the help of them, the Olympics can be hosted successfully.

Unit 3

Topic: Computers

Writing: Imaginative writing

Structure: the Present Perfect Passive Voice

Let high-tech serve people much

With the help of technology, we human race are now living a much happier life than before. Take the invention of the computer for example, it truly brings in a lot convenience for us, on one hand, it helps us solve simple or complicated mathematical problems for saving time, of course you can type any material or information into your computer to communicate with your teammates on your business by the network. On the other hand, it can take the place of us to deal with many difficulties in some dangerous situations under the control of the programmers. In a way, their advantages are over humans’, and this is why people create some robots with artificial intelligence to help us human beings.

After all, some people are worried that dangerous problems will arise from any over-usage of high tech. Personally speaking, I disagree with it. Take the computer for example again, you maybe are being told that some teenagers are getting addicted to the internet. So is it necessary to close down the whole network? Anyway, it is the people who are to blame if they take the disadvantage of the technology. With the authorities watching over, the technology can make up our shortcomings and help us do lots of things, if not, why we create and develop them?

Unit4 wildlife protection

Topic: the importance of wildlife protection

Writing: persuasive writing, letter of advice

Structure: the present progressive passive voice

It is important to fix our eyes on the protection of wildlife, because at present they are dying out or in danger.

On one hand, people hunt animals for food or for clothing, because some have thick furs which can be made into clothes. On the other hand, man can not get along well with wildlife which they think are fierce and attack them to death, for this reason, they can’t get well with wildlife and endanger the wildlife.

In order to protect the wildlife from extinction, it is necessary to set up wildlife reserve or some special zones for wildlife. What’s more, let the consciousness of wildlife protection come into being is the most important. As long as the above have a good effect on wildlife, can it be protected and the species develop gradually and safely.

Unit 5 Music

Topic: Music, different types of music

Structure: the Attributive Clause

Writing: asking for advice

Dream or hope?

To be honest, I like music, rock’n’roll, rap, jazz, especially pop songs and I am always dreaming of being a musician.

Maybe you couldn’t imagine it that some day I would become a singer, standing on the stage, and performing opera with the beloved fans clapping. You know how I would be excited at that moment, especially when you are an unknown one but hit the world overnight! If the dream really comes true, I will form my band, produce CDs, take the fans by a storm and get involved in more fans to be my supporters. You just imagine, then what I will get? Yeah, earning a lot of money, getting great reputation and winning honorable respect! Afterwards, what will I do? Of course, to be an actor, a famous actor!

As a matter of fact, to be a singer or musician, I should be a talent on music or have the ability of composing a song. But above all, I should have a soft or deep voice. That is the question! Yeah, that is question! Or else, I won’t stand here, play jokes with the passers-by and beg money for my life! Hey, hey!

III. 必修三

Book 3

Unit 1

Topic: festival

Structure: modal verbs

Writing: Narration Story structure

A letter to Mr. Hodges


A month has passed since we last said goodbye in the University. Everything is still flashing on my mind that it looked as though you were having lessons with us! But I know such will not take place again!

In the STP( summer training program), we knew that your ancestors came from Germany and their arrival in USA raised the possibility of your family tree to get more twigs. We also exchanged the customs of daily life and festivals in each country. Thanks to these, we know that you Americans are religious to the Christ and most of you are Christians. And the Christmas is a most important festival as well as Halloween, in which people, or rather, children like to dress up and play a trick to their neighbors if they don’t give sweets! The Americans have national days of themselves as well. For example, the Martin L. King day is in memory of Martin L. King, who was a famous civilized warrior!

It was obvious that we gained a lot in the SPT, Americans, American all fields, us Chinese trainees! A month was not so long, but when we said goodbye to each other, and many guys couldn’t bear to weep, we know from then on our friendship will last forever!

Really, we look forward to hearing from you eagerly!







1. Would you please help me to _______ all these numbers?

A. add up B. join in C. go through D. get to

2. ________ catch the first train, we set out very early in the morning.

A. In order thatB. In order to C. So as to D. So that

3. It is the third time that he _________ late for school.

A. was B. is C. had been D. has been

4. There was a time ________ I lost myself in music and dreamed about being a musician.

A. that B. whenC. since D. what

5. The teacher told us that the earth ________ around the sun.

A. is moving B. moved C. moves D. has moved

6. His father asked him _______ speak with his mouth full.

A. not toB. to C. to not D. to never

7. She told me that she was fond _______ fishing when he was young.

A. about B. at C. to D. of

8. She insisted ________ with us when we decided to take a great bike trip.

A. go B. to go C. on goingD. went

9. We went to see our teacher _______ husband lost his life in the earthquake.

A. who B. that C. whose D. which

10.The train __________. Hurry up.

A. left B. is leaving C. has left D. leaves

11. He commanded that I __________ there at once

A. should go B.went C. going D. would go

12. On our arrival, we found the police were_________ the ______boy.

A. in search of; losing B. in face of; missing

C. in need of; lost D. in search of; missing

13. He’s given me so much help in trouble; I teach his daughter English _____.

A. in turn B. by turnsC. in return D. in answer

14. The school _____ he visited last week is quite different from what it used to be.

A .where B. in which C. which D. in that

15. Is this the factory ______ you visited the other day?

A. that B. where C. in which D. the one

16. Is this the factory _______ he worked ten years ago?

A. that B. where C. which D. the one

17 . He failed in the examination, _______ made his father very angry.

A. Which B. It C. That D. What

18. We are going to spend the Spring Festival in Guangzhou, __________ live my grandparents and some relatives.

A. which B. that C. whoD. where

19. They were interested __________ you told them.

A. in whichB. in that C. all that D. in everything

20. I like the second football match __________ was held last week.

A. which B. who C. that D. /

二. 完型填空:(15分)

Mr. Robinson had to travel somewhere on business, and as he in hurry, he decided to go by a window when he was flying, so he got onto the plane, and looked for a window seat. He all of them taken except one. There was a young man beside it, and Robinson was surprised that he had not taken the one by the window. Anyhow, he went towards it.

When he it, however, he saw that there was a on it, written in large letters, saying “This seat is kept for proper balance(平衡). Thank you.” Mr. Robinson had never seen such a notice before, but he thought the must be carrying something particularly heavy in its room, made it necessary to have the passengers properly balance. So he walked on and found empty seat, not beside the window to

sit on.

Two or three other people to sit in the window seat next to the young man, but they also read the notice and went on. Then when the plane was nearly , a very beautiful girl the plane. The young man, was watching the passengers coming in, quickly took the notice away from the seat beside him, and this way succeeded in having a beautiful companion(同伴) during the whole trip. ( )1. A. a B. the C. anD. /

( )2. A. air B. water C. train D. bus

( )3. A. on B. nearly C. beside D. far from ( )4. A. wantedB. foundC. thought D. hoped

( )5. A. seatingB. sitting C. seat D. sit

( )6. A. arrivedB. gotC. reached D. left

( )7. A. letter B. book C. picture D. notice ( )8. A. train B. busC. planeD. bus

( )9. A. and B. this C. whoD. which

( )10. A. another B. other C. the other D. the only ( )11. A. stuck B. tried C. managedD. refused ( )12. A. empty B. full C. upD. down

( )13. A. came B. wentC. entered D. left

( )14. A. whichB. who C. whose D. that

( )15. A. onB. by C. inD. at



There are fifty states in the United States. The largest in population is California, the largest in area is Alaska. Alaska is the smallest in

population and Rhode Island is the smallest in size. The oldest states are the ones along the Atlantic coast. The newest states are Alaska and Hawaii. Alaska is also the coldest state. California and Florida are the warmer. Hey and his family live in Seattle, a big city, on the Pacific coast. But Los Angeles and San Francisco, also on the Pacific coast, are larger than Seattle. Hey's cousin, Susan, lives in New York. It is the largest city in the United States. Thousands of people visit New York each year. The

most important city in the United States is Washington D. C. It is the capital, but it is much smaller than New York.

1. How many states are there in the U. S. A ? ( )

A. Five B. Forty- Five. C. FiftyD. Fifteen.

2. Which state is the largest in population? ( )

A. California. B. Rhode-Island.C. Alaska D. Los Angeles.

3. Which state is the smallest in population? ( )

A. Rhode Island. B. Seattle. C. San Francisco. D. Alaska.

4. Which of the following is true? ( )

A. The oldest states are the ones along the Pacific coast.

B. Washington is the most important and the largest city.

C. New York is the largest city in the United States.

D. Hey's cousin lives in the Seattle.

5. Why is Washington D. C. the most important American city?( ) Because _________.

A. it is the largest cityB. it is the largest in population

C. it is the most beautiful city D. it is the capital of the United States


The date was like any other day in his life. After school, Michael walked past the shop on the street corner. He stopped to look at the front row of shoes, and he felt sorry for himself. He really wanted to have them for his birthday.

He sadly walked away and thought of what to tell his mother. He knew she would give him anything he liked if she could. But he also knew very well she had little money. He decided not to go home immediately, as he looked worried and his mother would notice it. So he went to the park and there he sat on the grass. Then he saw a boy in a wheelchair. He noticed that the boy moved the wheels with his hands. Michael looked at him carefully and was surprised to see the boy had no feet. He looked down at his own feet. “It is much better to be without shoes than without feet,” he thought. There was no reason for him to feel so sorry and sad. He went away and smiled, thinking he was luckier in life.

6. Michael was anxious to_____.( )

A. get a pair of shoes B. change his worn out shoes

C. pick out the shoes he liked best D. look at the shoes that fitted him well

7. Why did Michael decide not to go home immediately?( )

A. Because it was still early

B. Because he didn’t want to give his mother any trouble.

C. Because he wanted to go to the park to have a rest.

D. Because his mother was not at home yet at that time.

8. What do you think of Michael?( )

A. A lucky childB. A reasonable child

C. A naughty child D. An interesting child


Jenny went to visit her friends in New York last weekend. Her friends met her at the airport on Friday afternoon and drove her to the hotel. They had dinner at a Chinese restaurant and went to see a film after that.

Jenny and her friends set out early on Saturday morning for a farm and stayed there until Sunday morning. During their stay, they went fishing and swimming in the small river on the farm. They played football in the field and enjoyed a big meal around a camp fire(篝火), singing and dancing till late into the night.

Nobody could get up early on Sunday morning. So when they got back to New York City, it was about three o’clock in the afternoon. They drove right to the airport because Jenny didn’t want to miss her plane back home. Jenny only stayed in New York for two nights but she had a great time with her friends.

9. Jenny went to New York________.( )

A. to do some shopping B. to see her friends

C. to spend her summer holidayD. to find a job

10. How did Jenny get to New York?( )

A. By train. B. By bus. C. By plane. D. On foot.

11. Where did Jenny and her friends go on Saturday?( )

A. To the farm. B. To the Chinese restaurant.





结交朋友,参加社会活动。 2、假设你是李华,某中学生杂志英语习作专栏正在开展主题为“Why should we learn English?”的征文活动。请你根据所给要点写一篇征文稿。

1)提高学习语言的能力;2)有助于了解异国文化;3)能够结识更多的朋友。 3、假设你是李华,你的美国笔友Hurry是一名旅游爱好者。请你根据以下要点,给他写一封信你暑假期间的西湖之旅。

1)湖光塔影,花木芬芳 2)莺啼燕语,游人如织 3)夜游西湖,赏音乐节






注意:1、词数100左右;2、可以适当增加情节,以使行文连贯;3、参考词汇:体育馆staium。 thth5、假设你是校剜肉补疮英语专栏的记者李华,你校男子足球队在全市第五届中学生足球比赛中获得冠军。请你根据以下内容要点,写一篇新闻稿。




比赛进程:校队首场比赛0比1失利,决赛3比2获胜 6、假设你是李华,你的英国好友Bob来信说他在上周的登山运动中腿部骨折。请你给写一封回信,内容包括:1、表达关心之情;2、建议及时治疗;3、祝他早日康复。 7、假设他是李华,某国际遗址保护组织正在全球招募青少年志愿者,请根据以下要点提示给该组织的负责人Mr.Blake写一封申请信。




成绩:2004年 李婷 孙甜甜 奥运会女子双打冠军;2011年李娜 法国网球公开赛女子单打冠军 发展:重视队伍建设,培养更多的后备力量 9、假设你是他华,刚刚收到英国笔友Andy给你寄来的生日礼物。请根据以不要点提示给Andy写一电子邮件。


10、假设你是李华,某国际中学生科技论坛正在开展主题为“My Robot”的征文活动。请根据以下提示信息定一篇英语短文参加此次活动。

简单描述外型;介绍其基本功能;说明它的意义。 11、以下是一则来身某英语报纸的新闻报道,请你结合新闻内容和提示要点写一篇英语短文。 November 24, 2011Thursday

Wild animals play an important role in our environment. However, many human activities have put them in serious danger of extinction. By the year 2025,one fifth of the world’s animal species may be extinct.





1. I am writing to express my views about…

2. You have asked me for my advice on … and I will try to make some suggestions.

3. Thanks for trusting me. It’ s my great pleasure to give you some suggestions.

(2) 中间(介绍详情,提出具体建议)

1. I would like to suggest that…

2. As far as I am concerned,…/ In my opinion…/ In my view,…

3. For one thing… for another…

(3) 结尾(提出希望,期盼回复)

1. These are my suggestions.

2. I hope they will be helpful.

3. I hope you will find them useful/ helpful.

4. Please take good consideration of my advice.

5. I would be grateful if you can take my suggestions into consideration.

1. 2008全国Ⅱ卷假如你是李华,你的英国朋友Peter 来信向你咨询如何才能学好中文。请你根据下列要点写封回信。

要点: 1. 参加中文学习班;

2. 看中文书刊,电视;

3. 学唱中文歌曲

4. 交外国朋友

注意: 1. 词数100左右;2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

Here are a few suggestions. First, it is important to take a Chinese course, as you will be able to learn from the teacher and practice with your fellow students. Then, it

also helps to watch TV and read books, newspapers and magazines in Chinese whenever possible.

Besides, it should be a good idea to learn and sing Chinese songs, because by doing so, you’ ll learn and remember Chinese words more easily. You can also make more Chinese friends. They will tell you a lot about China and help you learn Chinese.

I hope the information above can help you.

Try and write me in Chinese next time.


假如你是李华,你的朋友Peter 来信向你咨询如何才能学好英文。请你根据下列要点写封回信。

要点:1. 参加英语培训课程;

2. 看英文书刊,报纸,杂志,电视;

3. 学唱英文歌曲,看经典英文电影;

4. 交讲英语的外国朋友。

Here are a few suggestions. First, it is important to take an English training class, as you will be able to learn from the teacher and practice with your fellow students. Then, it also helps to watch TV and read books, newspapers and magazines in English whenever possible.

Besides, it should be a good idea to learn and sing English songs, see some classic English movies, because by doing so, you’ ll learn and remember English words more easily. You can also make more foreign friends who come from English –speaking countries. They will tell you a lot about foreign country and help you learn English. I hope the information above can help you.

Try and write me in English next time.




1. 多沟通,多交流, 面对面谈谈,消除误会

2. 学会相处,珍惜友谊

Dear Tom,


Here are a few suggestions. First, Misunderstanding seems to be one of the most worrying problems in interpersonal relationships. If the misunderstanding

between you and Jack is not properly dealt with, it will make you uncomfortable and weaken your friendship. So I hope you talk with him face to face first and

communicate with him seriously, because by doing so, you can make every effort to get rid of the misunderstanding, and everything will be OK again.

Besides, i advice you to get along well with him in your daily life and to cherish your friendship, because no one can live without friend.

I hope the information above can help you. I’m looking forward to your early reply!