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Good morning! Miss Zhang , I am Song Zelong ,come from Shanxi Taiyuan ,20 years old .

Tody my topic is ..........

Part 1

Where do you think Old and Sick people should Go ? In my opinion , they should go to the nursing home rather than stay with their children or grandchildren .

Traditionally , when you are old and sick you should live with you children and grandchildren .But now, it has been changed since 1980s . Many old and sick people choose a nursing home .

It is convenient for them to receive a professional treatment and a better service .What’s more , they can make new friends with people there and talk with them so that they won’t feel lonely ! On the contrary ,if old and sick people live with their children who are busy with their own work and family ,they will not be better cared . And they maybe end up alone !

So , I think it is the best for old and sick people to live in the nursing home !

Thank you for listening !

Part 2

Healthy Habits

Now many college students have all kinds of unhealthy habits !Such as staying up late , over shopping and being addicted in computer games .And all of these will cause damage to their bodies !

Today I will talk about playing video games , they don’t have so much school work in university that they can find much spare time to play video games. And dramatically they are always addicted in them . Maybe these games can meet their desires ! But , play computer games not only wastes their time and life but also makes one lose his or her way to success . And these days I see some words a dota a day ,keeps girls away ,a doda a day makes you become a gay .

Here are some suggestions to get rid of this bad habit . First , they should learn to control themselves . Second , they should make themselves be busy ,such as taking part in colorful activities and go for a walk with friends ! And keep up every day they will make it !

Part 3

I think it is much worthwhile to preserve at any cost the life of a patient who has turned into a vegetable .

First , we should not give up any live of a person . Everyone is equal and has a privilege to existing .

Second , now we have all kinds of available recourses and this guarantee the rescue ! Third , the gorks are still alive in law so it is our duty to save everyone alive . Besides , there are many facts that the gorks are cured through medical treatment !

Therefore ,we should put efforts to save every gorks !

Part 4

Keeping pats

Now it has been a common habit of modern people to keep pats in house . Many people have their pats like dogs , cats and so on ! But it has cause a hot discussion whether it is proper to keep pats .

Some people think there are many advantages of keeping pets , for example , as you can see many elders can go for a walk with their pets and this is a good way to exercise and relieve their loneliness ! What’s more , some pets can even protect their owners !

However , others say no to keeping pets ! In their minds , they are dirty and they don’t have smart minds like humans so they often make a mess ! Besides , pets like dogs always bark at nights when you are sleeping , even they will hurt you .

Personally , I like pets and I have one cat and a dog in my home . They are good friends. I often play with them , but now I am far away with with them and I really miss my two friends!

Part 5

What should Children do in their Spare Time

Now it has been a trend that many children attend various of classes like dancing , painting and so on accompanied by their parents in their spare time .

In parents’ view , they wish their children a better future ! They think it is good for their children to be versatile and maybe their children will be next Beethoven or Mike Jackson . And maybe they just want their children to achieve their dream that they have when they are young.

I think taking part in all kinds of class in spare time has both advantages and disadvantages . For one thing , they can learn many things that they can’t learn in school ,for another they can make friends with other children in class . But , maybe it will make them be burden with a lot of things .And they may fail in the exam .So , it’s better to balance study with after school classes !








22. 如你是学生会主席,请根据下面图表,用英语写一则关于春游的通知。

参加者 高中一、二年级的学生

活动内容 1.去博物馆看《人与自然》的展览。 2.参加泉山植物园。 集合地点 学校大门前 集合时间

1. 4月25日上午乘校车前往; 2.早上七点集合,七点二十分开车。




2.在山顶野餐,要自带午餐和饮料。 3.参加者在本周四前到学生会报名。


1.通知必须包括表内所列内容,可以适当调整内容的顺序和增加细节,使其连贯、完整。 2.词数:100左右。3.通知时间:4月24日

4.生词:植物园the botanical garden; 报名sign up for; 学生会the Students' Union Notice

The students of Senior Grade One and Grade Two will go out for a visit on April 25. We'll first go to the museum to see an exhibition of Man and Nature. When you’

re in the exhibition hall you should keep silent and make careful notes because we’

re going to have a discussion after we come back. After that we plan to visit the botanical garden on the Quanshan Hill and have a picnic on the top of it. So please bring lunch and some drinking water with you.

Our school bus will take us there. The school bus will leave at 7:20. Please gather at our school gate at 7:00 a.m.

Those who want to take part in the activity should sign up for it at the Students’ Union before Thursday.

The Students’ Union

1. 描述今昔通讯方式的变化,以及这些变化给人们生活带来的影响。注意:1.词数:100左右2.生词:通讯:

communicate互联网:the Internet

Great changes have taken place in the way of communication in people’s life.

In the past, people kept in touch with each other mainly by writing letters or using the public telephone. But now almost everyone has his own mobile phone.People can communicate with each other almost at any place and at any time. What’s more, people have easy access to the Internet, which enables them to send and receive e-mails whenever they like.With these changes, people’s pace of life has been quickened and people’s work has been made more efficient. It used to take several days to hear from each other, but now it takes only several minutes, even if they are in two different countries.

In a word, people have an easier life nowadays.

11. 根据以下图画再结合你的想象,写出一篇100字左右的短文:

It is the old man’s birthday today. Now he is sitting on a sofa alone. Maybe his wife has been dead. On the right side is a big birthday cake sent by his son. And there are also some presents given by his daughter on the left. Yet the old man doesn’t feel happy. Instead, he looks very sad because he is lonely.

Our life is getting better and better than before. Some people think that old people will be sat

isfied as long as they have enough to eat and drink. I think they are quite wrong. Old people easily get lonely because they have no work to do. So we should spend as much time together with them as we can and take care of them in every possible way.

5. 加拿大高中生David在互联网上登出启事notice,希望结识一位中国朋友,以便学习中国的语言、文化。假


①. 你怎样得知他的愿望 ②. 你愿意成为他的朋友

③. 你打算如何帮助他④. 你盼望他的回复 注意:词数:100词左右

Dear David,

I am LiHua. I am glad to read your notice on the internet and I know you want to make friends with a Chinese in order to learn the Chinese language and culture. I want to be your friend. Now

I’d like to introduce myself to you. I was born in Chongqing in 1990,

I study in the Experimental Middle School of Chongqing and I am good at English. I think I can help you to know about China by sending e-mails.What’

s more, we can have chats on the Internet in Chinese or English and Iwill tell you the customs,the festivals,the foods,etc. of the Chinese. I hope we can keep in touch with each other. I am looking forward to your reply


1.肥胖危害健康,应该节食,锻炼,预防肥胖。已经超重的,应该采取措施减肥。 2.中学生长身体的时候,减肥会影响身体发育,也会影响学习,因此应该顺其自然。 肥胖:fatness

Fatness is one of the serious problems which have a bad effect on our health. And at present the situation in the teenagers is even worse, As to this, a discussion was carried out in our class.

Some students think fatness does harm to our health, so it is necessary to be on a diet and take suitable exercise to prevent it. Those who are overweight should take measures to lose weight to be healthy.

But others have a different opinion. They say losing weight will be bad for the teenagers during their growth course, as well as their studies. So there is no doubt to leave it as it is.

protect the environment?

Nowadays,more and more people realize it`s necessary and important to protect the

environment.Also,there are some people who don`t pay attention to hygiene and they can`t stop littering the rubbish casually or spitting everywhere all the time.And in addition,there are a few factories often cutting down the trees,discharging chemicals and dirty water and so on.And it causes many problems like the Greenhouse Effect.If they do these day by day and our life will be harder and harder,so we have to stop them.To stop them we can put upHow to

commonweal advertisements and tell them the detriment of destroying the environment.So we can start from now to make a beautiful life.

some advice.

If you want to have it,you should how to treat the study,play and rest.i think We shouldn‘t play all day like a bad boy,we can't study all day just like a bookworm,to be honest,it's so boring for many people to study,so we can't always study,wewillbemad,we must have a rest and play for fun,on the other hand,rest is good for our health,we shouln't ignore it,believe me,just do it,you will be successful.i used to studying in this way.

To sum up,just do with me.

My friend If you want to improve your study ,you should have a high efficiency,then,i will gave you

I have a lot of friends, but I have only a few good friends. One of them is my best friend. We are both twelve years old. He is fat and tall. He likes to eat oranges and meat. He is very straight and generous. We always help each other. He is a nice boy and his math is very good. He likes to play football and basketball. I enjoy playing with him because I can learn a lot from him. He can always come up with smart answers to those difficult questions. We usually play together after school in the

afternoon. He is very funny and sometimes he tells me some interesting stories but sometimes he sets me up. After all we get a long well. But sometimes we fight each other. His goal is to be a math teacher. He lives in LinShan and I live in Xiangshan. But we are good friends.




令人羡慕的是,在生活中,达尔文有一个幸福的家庭,达尔文夫妇共生下了10个子女。而且都在各在的领域做出了突出了贡献。但是,不幸的是,其中有3个孩子夭折。1882年4月19日,达尔文在达温宅逝世,享年73岁, 葬于威斯敏斯特大教堂。虽然他离开了我们,但是一直活在人们的心中,受后世景仰。

Charles Robert Darwin, a well-known British biologist, was born on February 12, 1809 he was born in a medical family, my grandfather and father are the local famous doctor.But Darwin did not mean to study medicine, during the period of school often into the wild collecting plant specimens and developed an interest in natural history and later through their uemitting efforts, has become the British and even the world's most famous biologist.His most famous book was "on the origin of species". In the origin of species, Darwin put forward the theory of biological evolution, natural selection as the core of Darwin's theory of evolution, for the first time of the occurrence and development of the whole biosphere, made a materialist, regularity of explanation, to overthrow the theory of special dominance in biology, idealist metaphysics has brought about a revolution in biology.In addition to biology, his theory on the development of anthropology, psychology, philosophy have nots allow to ignore.Engels "evolution" as one of three big discovery in the 19th century natural science (the other two cell theory, the transformation law of conservation of energy), outstanding contributions to mankind.

Enviable is, in the life, have a happy family, Darwin Darwin symbiotic 10

children.All in all made outstanding contributions in the field.But, unfortunately, there are three children in infancy.On April 19, 1882, Darwin in WenZhai died, aged 73, buried in Westminster Abbey.Although he left us, but have been living in people's hearts, admired by later generations.

Charles Robert Darwin, a famous British biologist, was born on February 12, 1809, where he was born in a medical family, grandfather and father are well-known local

doctors. But Darwin did not intend to study medicine, during school often go to the field to collect plant specimens and natural history had a strong interest, and later through their own uemitting efforts to become the United Kingdom and the world's most famous biologist. His most famous book is "the origin of species".

In the "origin of species", Darwin proposed the theory of biological evolution, the natural selection as the core of Darwin's theory of evolution, for the first time the whole biology of the occurrence, development, made a material, regular interpretation, And so on the idealist metaphysics in the biological dominance, so that biology has undergone a revolutionary change. In addition to biology, his theory of anthropology, psychology, philosophy development can not be ignored. Engels ranked "evolutionism" as one of the three discoveries of the natural sciences of the 19th century (the other two are the theories of cytology, conservation of energy) and have an outstanding contribution to mankind.

It is enviable that in life, Darwin has a happy family, the Darwin couple symbiotic with 10 children. But also in the field of each made a prominent contribution. But, unfortunately, three of them died. On April 19, 1882, Darwin died at the village of Dawen at 73 years old and was buried in Westminster Abbey. Although he left us, but has been living in the hearts of people, by future generations admired.



2013 – 12 - 5


假如你叫李华,你的美国网友 Peter打篮球时意外受伤,请你用英文给他发一封电子邮件。主要内容包括:1. 询问病情;2. 介绍 一下你近期学校活动及学习情况;3. 表达祝愿。


1. 字数控制在80-100词左右;

2. 不能出现真实的校名和姓名;

3. 开头和结尾已经给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Peter,

How’s it going ? I’m sorry to hear that. _________________________ 参考范文

Dear Peter,

How’s it going? I’m sorry to hear that you got injured while play ing basketball. You should have a good rest at home. And you’d better take care of yourself when you do sports.

Everything goes well here! I enjoy great changes in my school. On the one hand, the teacher s make their teachi ng styles colorful. In m y science cl ass, my teacher always encourages us to think, and cultivates our ability to study independently. On the other hand, we have plenty of time to try what we want to do. We had our School Day last week. There arc different kinds of activities, such as speec h contest, talent show, volunteering.... I took part in the English

speech contest, and I won the first prize. I will send you some photos about my School Day if you like.

Hope you’ll get better , and be back to your school as soon as possible.

Best wishes!


Li Hua


同学们,在刚才的答题过程中,大家 已经阅读和欣赏了诗歌、书评、

杂志专栏、新闻、 寓言、科普故事等不同的材料。著名作家Franci s Bacon曾说过:“ R eading makes a full man.”可见,阅读对于每个人的成长都有着举足轻重的作用。请你根据以下信息提示,结合自己的观点,以“Readi ng Makes a Full Man” 为题,写一篇90词左右的短文,表达你对阅读的看法和计划。



Reading Makes a Full Man

Reading is very important in our life. We can get knowledge throug h reading. It can not only open our minds but also make us more

intelligent. Besides, reading is also one of the most important ways to learn a foreign language like English.

Textbooks, newspapers, magazines and other kinds of reading mater ials ca n help us k now more about the outside world and help us grow into an excellent person.

I’m planning to read at le ast 5 books in the coming holiday. And I’ll spend more time reading every day in my seni or high school life. Reading makes a full man! Let’s start reading now.


母爱悄深,母爱无价;学会感恩,学会回报。某英语网 站 举办以“My mother”为题的英语征文活动。请你根据下列思维导图提供的信息,写一篇短文,介绍自己的母亲和你们的真情故事。

提示:1. 短文应包括导图中的全部信息,条理清楚,行文连贯, 段落分明;

2. 短文中不能出现真实的人名和地名。

3. 词数不少于80,开头已给出:不计人总词数。

My mother

We need love. We also need to love. The person I love most is my mother._______________

________________________________________________ ___


My mother

We need love. We also need to love. The person I love most is my mother. The person I love most is my mother. My mot her is 41 years

old. She is of me dium build with long black hair. Shi is quiet. She is a history teacher in a midd le school. She lik es dancing. She can cook delicious food.

She did a lot for me when I was a child. She bought whatever I needed for my study, even though she didn’t have much money. She sent me from piano lessons to dancing lessons at the weekend. She cooked delicious and h ealthy food for me.

When I grow up, I will do what I can to make my mother happy. I will find a good job after I graduate from college. I’ll save money and buy beautiful clothes that make her look still young. I’ll take her to wonderful sights around China. Most importantly, I will stay with her when I have free time. That’s what she wants most, I think.



1. 表达你对南京举办青奥会的喜悦心情;

2. 说明创办丹麦文化角的目的:介绍丹 麦文化,增进友谊;

3. 请对方提供有关丹麦文化的信息并邀请他们来宁交流。

参考词 汇:

2014 青奥会 the 2014 Youth Olympic Games ; 丹麦 Denmark


1. A brief introduction


姓 名:莫言(管谟业)


出 生 地:山东省高密一个穷苦人家



教育经历:1986年毕业于解放军艺术学院( PLA Academy of Arts) ;

1991年毕业于北京大学并获文学硕士学位 (Master’s Degree of Arts) 。 主要成就:2011年凭借《蛙》获中国最高文学奖“矛盾文学奖”;

2012年获诺贝尔文学奖(Nobel Prize in Literature)。


Born into a poor family in Gaomi, Shandong Province on February 17,1955, Mo Yan, whose original name is Guan Moye, showed great interest in reading and calligraphy in his early years. What?s more, not only is he outgoing but he also has a strong sense of humor.Having graduated from the PLA Academy of Arts in 1986, Mo Yan went on further education and received a Master?s Degree in Arts from Beijing University five years later. With a talent for literature, he won China?s highest literary prize, Mao Dun Literature Prize by his book Frog in 2011. To all Chinese?s excitement, this year he became the first Chinese writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, which will certainly make great contributions to the development of Chinese literature.

2. Scenic spots


Dear sir,

I am very glad to introduce my trip in Xi? an,the capital city of Shanxi Province. What impress me deeply are its natural scenery and long history.

First,as is known to the world,Xi? an has a long history and is the origin of Chinese civilization.The cultural and historical significance of the area,as well as so many historical sites,help Xi? an enjoy the title of ?Natural History Museum?. Just take Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses for example. It is praised as‘the eighth major miracle of the world’.Second,it is in a favorable geographical location surrounded by water and hills, for example, to the north of the city stands the Qinling Mountains and to the north lies the Weihe River. I have also climbed Mountain Huashan, one of the five best-known mountains in China, which is famous for its breath-taking cliffs and its unique characteristics.

It is really worth your visiting. I am looking forward to your coming.

Yours, Li Ming

3. Chart

以下是某英文报联合你校对你市(Kangming City)1998年到2008年家庭消费变化的图表,请据此写一篇短文,作一文字说明。

图表1 图表2

The average family income in our Kangming City increased from 8,000 yuan per year in 1998 to 20,000 yuan in 2008. In the meantime, the structure of the average family expenses has changed, too. These graphs show the change clearly.

The biggest part of the average family expenses is housing. In 1998, the average family spent 25 percent of its income on housing. In 2880, expenses on housing rose to 42 percent. Food and drink are the second biggest part of the average family expenses. In 1998, about 18% of the average income was spent on this item. In 2008, the figure grew to 30%. As a result of such increase in the expenses on housing and food, expenses on other items have been reduced from 57% in 1998 to 28% in 2008.

Thus, a conclusion can be drawn that as income increases, people can improve their living step. But still the average family has to spend a large part of income to meet the basic needs.

4. A notice



活动内容:1.去博物馆看《人与自然》的展览。 2.参加泉山植物园。


集合时间:1. 4月25日上午乘校车前往;





注意: 1.通知时间:4月24日 2.生词:植物园the botanical garden; 报名sign up for; 学生会the Students' Union


The students of Senior Grade One and Grade Two will go out for a visit on April

25. We'll first go to the museum to see an exhibition of Man and Nature. When you?re in the exhibition hall you should keep silent and make careful notes because we?re going to have a discussion after we come back. After that we plan to visit the botanical garden on the Quanshan Hill and have a picnic on the top of it. So please bring lunch and some drinking water with you.

Our school bus will take us there. The school bus will leave at 7:20. Please gather at our school gate at 7:00 a.m.

Those who want to take part in the activity should sign up for it at the Students?

Union before Thursday.

The Students? UnionApril 24

5. Spring outing

假设你是红星中学高三一班的学生李华,为校刊英语园地写一篇题为“Our Spring Outing” 的英文稿件。请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,叙述上周你们班从准备春游到春游结束的完整过程。

提示词: 游乐园 amusement park 垃圾箱


After a week of hard study, we decided to have a relaxation for the weekend. We discussed where to go in our class meeting. Some of us advised to go to the amusement park, some others suggested going boating, there were also some students believing climbing mountains is a great choice due to its great benefits for our health. Finally, we all agreed to climb mountains.

On the Saturday, we started climbing mountain very early with bright sunshine and gentle breeze greeting us. When arriving at the mountain top, we were shocked to see a great deal of rubbish scattering every where. We were surprised by the scene and angry with irresponsible ones who threw about the rubbish and pollute the environment.

We classified the rubbish on the way down the mountain, and then put some of them in the recycled bin and the others in the un-recycled bin. Although we were tired

out, the meaningful experience will last forever in our mind.

6. Making a Speech

假设你是星光中学的李华,将参加主题为“Let's Ride Bicycles”的英语演讲比赛。请撰写一份演讲稿,主要内容包括:



参考词汇:低碳生活(low-carbon life);节能(energy saving

Good morning, everyone!

I am Li Hua from Xingguang Middle School. The topic of my speech is“Let's Ride Bicycles”.

As is known to all, with the improvement of people's living standards, cars have become a popular means of transport, bringing great convenience to our life. However, they have also caused some problems such as air pollution and traffic jams.

How can we solve the problems then? As far as I'm concerned, riding bicycles is a good solution. For one thing, bicycles don't need any petrol and they are energy-saving. For another, bicycles are environmentally friendly because they won't give off waste gas. What?s more, riding bicycles is a good way for us to exercise and it is beneficial to our health.

Therefore, let's take the responsibility to build up a low-carbon city by riding bicycles. Come on and join us!

Thank you !

7. Language acquisition

假定你是李华, 你的英国朋友Peter来信向你咨询如何才能学好中文. 请你根据下列要点写回信.

要点: 1. 参加中文学习班;2. 看中文书刊、电视;

3. 学唱中文歌曲; 4. 交中国朋友。

Dear Peter,


13. 外籍教师Lynne任教期满准备回国,学校答应派车送她去机场。她在临行前一天写了张便条提醒办公室李老师:

1).请检查(check on)明天的车是否落实,提醒司机(remind sb. of sth.提醒某人做某事)。

2).她之所以要确定一下,是因为太早不好叫出租车。 3).感谢费心,并感谢一年来的关心。


5).留下一些英语书给贵校图书馆,希望对学生有用。字数:100—120个词。 Hi, Mr. Li,

Could you please check on the car to take me to the airport? Please remind the car

driver of this. I want to be sure of this car, because it will be too early in the morning to call a taxi if the school car doesn’t show up. I am sorry to trouble you again. Here I thank you

again for all that you have done for me during my stay in your school. I really enjoy teaching here, and will never forget the day I spent with my students. Probably I will come back some day. I leave some English books to your library. I hope they will be useful to your students. Yours


16. 加拿大高中生David在互联网上登出启事notice,希望结识一位中国朋友,以便学习中国的语言、文化。假设你是重庆实验中学的李华,请在看到这则启事后,用英文给David发出一封电子邮件。主要内容包括:

①. 你怎样得知他的愿望 ②. 你愿意成为他的朋友

③. 你打算如何帮助他④. 你盼望他的回复 注意:词数:100词左右 Dear David,

I am LiHua. I am glad to read your notice on the internet and I know you want to make friends with a Chinese in order to learn the Chinese language and culture. I want to be your friend. Now I’d like to introduce myself to you. I was born in Chongqing in 1990,I study in the Experimental Middle School of Chongqing and I am good at English.

I think I can help you to know about China by sending e-mails.What’s more, we can have chats on the Internet in Chinese or English and I’ll tell you the customs,the festivals,the foods,etc. of the Chinese. I hope we can keep in touch with each other.

I am looking forward to your reply.



18. 假如你叫王东,你的叔叔三十年前离开家乡去了美国。不久前,他观看China Report节目,得知中国决定加大建设社会主义新农村的力度,感慨万分,于是发了一份e-mail给你,询问近来家乡的变化情况。请根据email内容和提示要点,给你叔叔做简要回复。E-mail开头和结尾已经给出。

要点:①.叔叔离家后,家乡变化很大。 ②.生活条件愈来愈好。


④.装了电话,买了彩电、洗衣机、冰箱等。⑤.宽敞的道路连接了村庄和城镇。 ⑥.买了拖拉机、卡车和汽车。⑦.学校教育良好。⑧.政府重视农村城市化建设。 要求:1)、词数:100左右。2)、可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

Great changes have already taken place since you left , Our living conditions are getting better and better. Villagers have moved into big and comfortable houses, and many live in well-equipped blocks of flats. Almost all have been equipped with telephones . They have not only bought color TV sets , but also washing machines , fridges, etc. Wide roads have been built to connect villages and towns. Some families have got their own tractors, trucks or even cars. Besides, children can now enjoy very good education.

Our government cares very much about the reconstruction of our countryside . We are speeding up the citifying of the villages .

I hope that you and aunt will come back and have a visit to the new village . 21. 假如你是校报负责人,急需在学校内聘一位同学任英文版的编辑,请你用英文以―An English Editor Wanted‖为题目写一则招聘启事。内容要如下:


选择与编辑同学们的来稿。 ⑵.希望该同学满足下列要求:

① 乐意奉献出一些业余时间为同学们服务; ② 英文与美术皆好;能熟练使用电脑。 ③ 感兴趣的同学请在本周内与学生会(Students’ Union)联系。


An English Editor Wanted

Our school newspaper is looking for an editor for its English edition.The job mainly includes two parts: One is to choose proper English articles from other newspapers,

magazines or Internet for us students. The other is to pick out articles from those written by students in our school and edit them for use.

We hope that he/she could meet the following requirements: First, he/she is willing to devote some of his/her spare time to serving the others.Second, it’s necessary for him/her to be good at both English and fine arts. Besides, the ability to use the computer is important.

Those who are interested in the job, please get in touch with the Students’ Union this week.

Students’ Union

23. 如你是学生会主席,请根据下面图表,用英语写一则关于春游的通知。




4.生词:植物园the botanical garden; 报名sign up for; 学生会the Students' Union


The students of Senior Grade One and Grade Two will go out for a visit on April 25. We'll first go to the museum to see an exhibition of Man and Nature. When you’re in the exhibition hall you should keep silent and make careful notes because we’re going to have a discussion after we come back. After that we plan to visit the botanical garden on the

Quanshan Hill and have a picnic on the top of it. So please bring lunch and some drinking water with you.

Our school bus will take us there. The school bus will leave at 7:20. Please gather at our school gate at 7:00 a.m.

Those who want to take part in the activity should sign up for it at the Students’ Union before Thursday.

The Students’ Union

April 24

24. 假设你是浙江大学的老师,你将在开学典礼上向一年级的新生致辞。请你根据下面的提示写一篇演讲稿就大学的学习生活提出几点要求,并适当阐述其重要性。

①.合理安排学习和生活 ②.同学之间关系融洽 ③.积极参加校园社团活动 。。。。。。 参考词汇:大学一年级新生 freshman n.社团society n.


2).演讲稿的开头和结尾已给出,不计入词数。 3).词数:100—120

As a freshman, you are going to have a completely new life. So here is something you should keep in mind.


有关动物的英语作文 动物需要保护 Animals Need Protecting 精彩句子抢先看 1、Animals have been killed for their fur and feathers, for food, for sport, and simply because they were in the way. 人们杀死动物,获得它们的皮毛,把它们当作食物或运动方式,或者只是因为它们碍事。 2、And they try to get the governments to pass laws protecting animals in danger. Animals are natural resources that people have wasted all through our history. Animals have been killed for their fur and feathers, for food, for sport, and simply because they were in the way. Thousands of kinds of animals have disappeared from the earth forever. Hundreds more are on the danger list today. About 170 kinds in the United States aloneare considered in danger. 他们也努力使政府通过保护濒危动物的法律。 3、 Because hawks eat rats and mice, with no hawks to keep down their numbers, the rats and mice multiplied quickly. 为什么?因为鹰吃鼠类,没有鹰控制它们的数量,鼠类就会迅速繁殖。 Why should people care? Because we need animals, and because once they are gone, there will never be any more.Animals are more than just beautiful or interesting. They are more than just a source of food. Every animal has its place in the balance of nature. Destroying one kind of animal can create many problems. For example, when farmers killed large numbers of hawks, the farmers stores of corn and grain were destroyed by rats and mice. Why? Because hawks eat rats and mice, with no hawks to keep down their numbers, the rats and mice multiplied quickly. Luckily, some people are working to help save the animals. Some groups raise money to let people know about the problem. And they try to get the governments to pass laws protecting animals in danger. Quite a few countries have passed laws. These laws forbid the killing of any animal or planton the danger list. Slowly, the number of some animals in danger is growing. 中文: 动物需要保护 动物是自然资源,在整个历史过程中,人类一直在糟蹋着这种资源。人们杀死动物,获得它们的皮毛,把它们当作食物或运动方式,或者只是因为它们碍事。成千上万种动物已经从这个地球上永远地消失了。现在另外上百种动物也上了濒危动物名单。仅荚国大概就有170种被认为处于危险当中。 为什么人们应该感到担忧呢?因为我们需要动物,因为它们一旦消失,就永远不会再出现。动物不仅仅是漂亮或有趣。它们不仅仅是人类的食物来源。在维持自然平衡中,每种动物都有其作用。毁灭某种动物会导致许多问题。比如,农民们如果杀死为数众多的鹰,他们谷物和粮食的仓库就会受到老鼠和田鼠的破坏。 为什么?因为鹰吃鼠类,没有鹰控制它们的数量,鼠类就会迅速繁殖。 幸运的是,有些人正在努力帮助拯救这些动物。有些组织筹钱以便人们了解这一问题。他们也努力使政府通过保护濒危动物的法律。很多国家已经通过了法律。这些法律禁止杀害濒危名单上的动植物。某些濒危动物的数目正在慢慢地不断上升。




★ 范文

Today, I received the reader's letter. I was shocked at it. Personally speaking, I think we should pay more attention to the food safety. The government must make some necessary laws. What's more, some businessmen shouldn't be only interested in making money. They must care about people's health. We'd better not eat anything in dirty places though some food is delicious, because eating unhealthy food does harm to our health.

Finally, I hope the family in the accident will get better soon. 2014中考英语作文热点话题:我的理想职业


组员 理想职业 原因Mary 时装设计师(fashion designer) 喜欢漂亮衣服,擅长绘画

Kate 园艺工(gardener) 喜爱植物,想让城市更美

Mike 作家 愿意与别人分享精彩故事

Tom 厨师 为别人煮健康美味的食物

你 ? ?



Recently we did a survey in our class in order to learn about students’ ideal jobs. Here’s a report about my group members’ ideas.


Hopefully everyone can realize their dreams in the future.

★ 范文

Recently we did a survey in our class in order to learn about students’ ideal jobs. Here’s a report about my group members’ ideas.

Mary wants to be a fashion designer because she likes beautiful clothes and is good at drawing. Kate wants to be a gardener, she lives plants, and she wants to make the cities better. Mike would like to be a writer. He’d like to share his wonderful stories with others. Tom would like to be a cook. He’d like to cook delicious food for others. I would like to be a policeman. I want to protect the people safe.

Hopefully everyone can realize their dreams in the future.


My best friend

My best friend is --- He is 15 years old. We are both in the same class. He works very hard. He is never late for school and he does well in all his lessons. He is always ready to help others. My math is very poor, so he o

ften helps me with my math after class. His parents are both teachers. They are very busy, so he often helps do the housework at home. He is a little shorter than me but he is very strong. He likes playing football very much at school. We often play football together and he plays it pretty well, He gets on well with us, everyone in our class likes him.



请你阅读你的加拿大网友Tommy的e-mail,根据e-mail的内容,给他写一封回信.Dear Li Lei,

I haven't heard from you for a long time. I'm glad to tell you that I'll visit Beijing this summer vacation. It is said that Beijing is a great city with a long history and more changes have taken place since the 2008 Olympic Games. I would like to know something about Beijing, such as places of interest, the environment, traffic and people there.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.



★ 范文

Dear Tommy,

I'm glad to know you will come to Beijing.

Beijing, the capital of China, is one of the largest cities in the world. There are many places of interest, such as the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. All of them are beautiful and well-known to the world. Great changes have taken place in Beijing since we successfully held the 2008 0lympic Games.

Now, people pay more attention to the environment. More trees and flowers have been planted. For the traffic, it is very convenient for people to travel around Beijing, because several new subway lines have been built. If you come to Beijing, you will find people here are very friendly and helpful. What's more, a lot of people can speak English. Beijing is really an attractive city with a long history.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Li Lei







参考词汇:sidewalk 人行道 zebra-crossing 斑马线


★ 范文

With more and more cars coming into our families, we are happy that it has greatly improved our life. But unluckily, it has also brought many problems, such as heavy traffic and traffic accidents.

Traffic safety is everybody's business. We must obey the rules. For example, we must walk on walk side, when we cross zebra – crossing, stop and look right and left, then go across fast. Don’t play football on the road .we can tell our parents not to drink before they drive, not to run through red lights, not to talk and laugh while driving etc.

We can say cars are coming into our life, but only when everybody thinks traffic safety is everybody's business can we be safe driving on roads and walking on sidewalks.



假设你是刘伟,你的美国朋友MIKE 想通过你了解中国的传统节日。请你根据提示,给Mike 写一封e-mail,向他介绍我国传统节日春节的情况。

内容提示:1.春节是中国最重要的传统节日;2.春节期间人们的主要活动(节前、除夕、节日期间)< Spring Festival, traditional, decorate, on the eve of the festival, get together, set off fireworks, lucky money>

★ 范文

Dear Mike,

How are you? I’m really glad that you are interested in traditional Chinese festivals. There are many traditional festivals in China, such as Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Day and so on. I’d like to introduce the Spring Festival to you. Spring Festival is the most important traditional holiday in China. It usually lasts for 15 days.

Days before the festival, people clean their houses. They think cleaning sweeps any bad luck. They decorate their houses with paper cuts. On the eve of the festival, family members get together and have big meals. Then they watch the Spring Festival Gala on TV. At midnight, they set off fireworks to welcome the New Year. During the festival, kids get lucky money from old people. People visit their relatives and friends. They wish each a happy year and good luck. How happy we are.

Best wishes!


Liu Wei



★ 范文

As we know, water is very important to man, we can’t live without water. The amount of water which is suitable to drink is less and less. But some people don’t care about it. They waste a lot of water in their daily life. Even worse, they pour dirty water into rivers. They throw rubbish into rivers, too. Many rivers and lakes are seriously polluted. Something must be done to stop the pollution. And I think it’s a great shame to waste while millions are in great need of water. I think what we can do is that we have to save every drop of water as possible as we can. For example, we must turn off the tap immediately after we use it. We can use a basin to wash our hands and faces. It’s also a good idea to encourage my friends and family members to join me! Only in this way can we live happily. If we don’t save water, the last drop of water will be a tear-drop of us. I believe if everyone makes a little effort, we can make a big difference.


幸福是什么?幸福是父母为你营造的温馨的家,幸福是老师望向你的赞许的目光,幸福是孤独时朋友送来的一杯奶茶,幸福是…… 请以My happiness为话题,写一件曾经发生过的令你感到幸福的事情。

要求:条理清晰,语言流畅,用词准确, 字迹工整,80-100词。

★ 范文

Happiness is important in our life. In fact, happiness is always around you if you put your heart into it.

I will never forget one thing. Once, I had a bad mark at a math test. I was shy and afraid to meet my parents. But when I got back home late, my parents knew what happened, they said to me: “It doesn’t matter, my child. Remember we’ll be always beside you when you need help. We believe you can be better next time. Never give up!” I was moved and made up my mind to work harder and harder.

I feel happy. Whenever I am in trouble, I can feel my parents’ love. I want to be a good child for my parents.




★ 范文

What should we thank?

The thankful great universe provides the environment of existence for us and give us sunlight, air, water and everything in keeping with us existence of space, bring storm to let us accept to toughen for us, bring to us mysterious let us look for. The thankful parents give us the life, make us feel the merriment of the human life, feel the genuine feeling of the human life, feel the comity of the human life, feel happiness of the human life, also feel hardships and pain and sufferings of the human life! The thankful teacher works with diligence and without fatigue everyday of teach, give us knowledge ability, and put on the wing which flies toward the ideal for us. The thankful classmate and friend grow up with us and let us no longer stand alone in the itinerary of life. The thankful our country provides us with free books, dormitory and food. Whenever it is, we should keep a thankful heart towards everything existed. Only thus, can we become a useful man.



月5日( June 5)是世界环境保护日, 我们周围的环境变得越来越糟糕,污染越来越严重。环境问题影响着人们的工作,学习,生活等,而我们的工作,生活,生产等又使环境污染越来越严重......如何保护我们的环境? 请以“ How to protect/save our environment/world? ”为题写一篇短文。

提示:存在问题:1.水污染越来越严重;2.砍伐森林严重;3. 大气污染严重;4. 白色垃圾等。

要求:如何改善/保护环境?至少:3---4个方面, 80字左右的。

★ 范文

How to protect/save our environment/world?

The environmental pollution is worse and worse /more and more seriously today. Water is polluted; we have no clean water to drink. Many trees are cutting down, some animals is getting less and less. Some factories are pouring dirty air in the sky, the population is increasing faster and faster, resources are getting less and less…etc. Not only does it affect our lives and health, it but also has a great affection in the future. People's health has been greatly affected by air, noise and water pollution. Many people died of diseases. In order to live a better life, we need protect our world.

We shouldn’t throw away rubbish everywhere. We want to recycle, reduce, reuse things .Don’t waste things. This saves money and reduces pollution. Use things for as long as possible. We don’t use plastic bags. We must plant more trees and stop the people cutting them .We hope our world becomes more and more beautiful.


一、Great changes in my hometown

More than twenty years ago, my hometown was just a small , old and poor town. Most of people were farmers. There were few factories. The people didn’t have enough food to eat and wore old clothes. They had a hard life .

Great changes have taken place in the past twenty years . The people have found a lot of ways of making money . Now there are many tall buildings . They are very beautiful . Roads are wide and clean . People can take buses or drive their own cars to go to work . Many people have cell phones and personal computers. People’s living conditions have improved a lot . Thanks to the government’s efforts . my hometown is becoming more and more beautiful .




二、Save the earth

How to protect the environment has become one of the biggest problems in the world . It’s our duty to protect our environment . No matter where we live , we should do something to keep our neighborhood clean and tidy . We can collect waste paper or other waste things for recycling. We should plant more trees and we should prevent those factories from pouring waste water into rivers, lakes and fields. We shouldn’t leave rubbish everywhere and spit in public places . We mustn’t pick the flowers or step on the grass in public. If everyone tries his best to protect the environment , the world will become much more beautiful and our life will be better and better .




三、Improve our environment

Good environment can make people feel happy. To improve the environment means to qualify our life . What should we do to improve our environment ?

We should plant more trees . And we should prevent those factories from pouring waste water into rivers , lakes and fields . Whenever we see litter on the ground , we should pick it up and throw it into a dustbin . Don’t spit in public places . Don’t draw on public walls . It’s our duty to keep our earth clean and tidy .




四、Pollution around us

In recent years our life is becoming better and better. But our environment is becoming worse and worse. It’s very bad for our life. Now many people have air-conditioners and cars, they produce (give off ) waste gas. More and more trees are being cut down. There are so much sand on the earth (leaving only sand ) . We often see factories pour waste into rivers or lakes. Water in the river is quite dirty. We haven’t enough clean water to drink in cities. Now we are in danger. It’s very necessary and important to protect the environment well. I think if everyone tries his best to protect the environment, the world will become much more beautiful , and our life will be better and better .



五、Make our world more beautiful !

Protecting the environment is becoming more and more important to humans . It’s our duty to take care of the nature around us . Animals and plants are our best friends ., and we should share the world with them . We shouldn’t kill wild animals , and we must protect forests because they are animals’ home . We must plant more trees and grass , they can make the world greener . The more beautiful the world is, the happier lives we will have . Let’s do

our best to make the world beautiful.



六、Keep our school clean

We are studying in this school. It is our duty to keep it clean and tidy. It is not good to spit in public places, such as in the library, in the class. We shouldn’t leave rubbish here and there. Don’t draw pictures on the wall, they influence the look of our school . We should keep the classroom clean and tidy. And we should do some cleaning often. If everyone tries his best to do something useful for our school, I’m sure our school will be more beautiful .



七、My country life

I like to live in the countryside. I live in a small village. There is a river near it. Lots of trees are around my house. I can see a lot of farms and birds. There is less noise. The air here is cleaner and fresher. There are fewer cars. I read aloud early in the morning. When it is getting dark, the moon is bright in the sky. It’s very quiet . What a nice place I live in !



十一、The importance of English

English is the most widely spoken in the world. It’s spoken by most people in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It's also very widely used as a foreign language in many other countries of the world. It's widely used for business between different countries. More than three quarters of the information on the Internet is in English, too. It is really a bridge to so much knowledge . English is used by travellers and business

people around the world. It's one of the world's most important languages as it is so widely used. That's why more and more people in China are interested in learning English.

English is so useful that we must learn it well . Now let’s work hard at it and see who learns it faster and better in our class .




十四、I like the Internet

The Internet is playing an important part in our daily life. It’s very useful. I often search the Internet for some information. I can read the latest news, do some shopping, and get all kinds of information from it. I can also download the information that I need and I can send e-mails and make telephone calls to my friends on the internet. The most important thing is that I am able to study all my lessons on the Internet.

The Internet makes my life more interesting and colorful and it has a wide effect on my study and daily life. I like the internet very much. How about you / Will you have a try ?




十五、The Internet

The Internet is becoming more and more important to us. Without it, we can’t do work better. We can go shopping without going out of our houses. And we can listen to music or watch movies on the Internet. It can also help a lot with our study. We can learn much knowledge on different subjects, and get information as soon as possible. But now, some of us work, study or play on the Internet for long time, especially for young people to play computer games. It’s bad for our eyes and health. If we make good use of the Internet, it will be our best friends and help us a lot .




Computer is a wonderful machine. It's a great invention in many years. It develops very quickly. The smallest computer is as big as a note-book. We call it pocket computer. Computer becomes more and more important in many ways. It has touched the lives of everyone, even people in faraway villages. It helps us to do with all kinds of information and we get knowledge from it. It can give us a lot fun.



十七、The importance of water

Of all the things we eat and drink, water is the most important. We can live without food for many days, but two or three days without water, usually makes people die.

However, not all of people understand this. They keep throwing rubbish into the rivers or lakes . Some factories even pour waste water into the river. As a result, many rivers and lakes have become so dirty that the water is no longer safe for people to drink .

Let’s do our best to keep the water clean to save ourselves .