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  Unit 3 Our animal friends


 1. 能理解文章内容,用正确的语音语调朗读短文,并初步复述。

 2. 正确运用日常交际用语I have animal friends. It’s/They’re… It/They can... It has/They have …

 3. 能正确的听、说、读单词:animal, leg, body, arm, other, tail, wing。

 4. 通过学习培养学生对动物的喜爱之情。



 1. 能正确文章内容,用正确的语音语调朗读短文,并初步复述。

 2. 会说会读单词:animal, leg, body, arm, other, tail, wing。




 Step1 Warm up & Lead in

 课前播放Body song

 T: You sing very well just now. From the song, We know we can see with our ... We can eat with our ... We can hear with our .. We can write with our .. We can walk with our.. We can speak with our ...So let’s speak English with our mouth in class.(课前说,并带学生练习单词leg arm foot body)

 1 T: Good morning, boys and girls.Just now you sing very well. And I think you’re good at playing games too. Let’s play a game. “Train, train, go away”.Look, there are four toy trains. On each train, I give you a word, you say other words of the same kind. Try to full fill the trains.

 The first train: black ( 学生说单词)Can you say some words of the same kind?

 You’re so great. Let’s say “train train go away”

 The second train: jump You can act and say.

 You’re so active.

 The third train: big eyes It’s a little difficult. You can point and say.

 I have some words here. Please read the red words together.

 学习单词body leg arm

 The last train: tiger

 T: These words are about animals.

 Step2 Presentation

 T: I have an animal friend at home. What is it? Let’s guess!

 Riddle :

 It’s yellow?and brown.

 It has four legs .It has a? long?tail .It has a?small?body.It can catch(抓) a? mouse.

 T: What’s it? It is a cat. It’s my animal friend.

 So today we’re going to talk about our animal friends.(出示题目,学生读题目)

 Step3 Story time

 (1) 整体感知

 T: Look, here comes four students,. Who are they?

 S:Nancy, Liu Tao, Su Yang and Mike.

 T:They have some animal friends, too. Look at the pictures. What animals are they?

 S: fish dog rabbit parrot


 T: What are their animal friends? Let’s watch the cartoon first

 T: Open your books, turn to page 28. Finish the exercise 学生完成题目

 T:.What animals does Nancy have?

 S:Nancy has two fish.

 What does Mike have? Who knows?

  S: Mike has a dog. Liu Tao has a rabbit. Su Yang has a parrot.


  A)T: We know Nancy has two fish. Let’s listen to tape and answer the two questions.

 Q1: What colours are the fish?

 Q2: Do they have any legs or arms?

 学习句型One is red and the other is black.举例 I have two ... One is...the other is...

  They have no legs or arms.

 OK. Now, look at the fish. One is red and the other is black. Can you say more details about Nancy’s fish?

 学生看图说句子:They have big eyes and big bodies.They have big tails. They can swim.

 Look,I have designed a tree for Nancy’s fish, please take out your trees.

 Now we are all Nancy, let’s look at the trees and talk about the fish together.



  A)T:What about Mike’s animal friend? Open your books and read Para2, then answer the three questions.

 Q1:What colour is the dog?

 ( It is...)

 Q2:What does it have?

 ( It has...)

 Q3: What can it do?

 ( It can...)

 边问边贴It is/can/has...

 Now four in a group and stick the information paper on the tree. I want one group to design the big tree. Any volunteers?(贴大树的小组谈论)

 Have you finished? Now we are all Mike, Let’s say it together.


 A)T:What about Liu Tao’s and Su Yang’s animal friends? Now boys and girls, close the books. Discuss in 4 and try to design the other two trees. I will ask two groups to design the big trees for me. Which groups would like to come here?



 Do you have wings?


 T: Now it’s time to read books.Open your books, let’s listen and repeat

 This time read the passage in groups,choose one you like.

 Let’s read the text together.

 Retell the text

 T:Boys and girls, look at the blackboard and try to retell the text.一起说

 Step 4 Consolidation

 出示图片和四个学生的图片 They are at the English Club.

 出示Wang Bing 和Yang Ling

 Who are they?

 T: Our old friends.Yang Ling and Wang Bing are at the English Club. They are doing a survey. They want to know their classmates’ animal friends. Look, they are interviewing the four students. 6 in a group and make a dialogue.

 Do you have an animal friend? Yes, I do.

 Do you have any animal friends?

 What colour is it/are they? They are/It is...

 What do they have/What does it have? They have/It has...

 What can they do/What does it do? They can/It can...

  Look, they’re/it’s my ...

  Do you like them/it?

 Yes, I do. They’re/It’s cute/lovely...

 Step5. Homework



 3)预习fun time、grammar time