Our animal friends教案3

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 课题 课型 Reading 备课时间 1 period 教



 析 教学目标 教学重点 Know how a guide dog help a man , 教学难点 Know how to escape from a fire 教学关键 Try to make the text easier to learn 教法与学法指导 Reading competition, cooperation, self-study. 教学环节 主要教学步骤或内容 学生主体活动 教师活动 设计意图 时间

 分配 第一环节 复习回顾平移的基本性质,引入课题

  Step one: Free talk :

 Talk about what animal do you keep at home 1.let students talk about the animal they keep at home 1. Show the questions : do you keep a dog or other animals at home? 1.To arouse the interest and lead them to get into the topic of this unit. 5 第二环节 观察操作、探索归纳平移的作法

  Step two: Fast reading

 Step three: while-reading.

 Reading comprehension.


 Step four: Discussion


  2. Read the text quickly and answer the questions

 3. Read the text in details and finish the blank filling exercise in a sheet, then check the answers ,after that , try to design questions according to the text and ask your classmates to answer it .

 4. Talk in group : If there is no the dog with John , what would happen that day?

  2. Show the question:

  a. Can the dog go into the hotel at first?

 b. Why does the man take his dog everywhere?

 c. How did the man wake up when there was smoke in his room?

 d. who helped John put the towel along the bottom of the door?

 e. who came to help John and the dog out of the fire?

 3. hand out the sheet and design the blank according to the important information.

 Then check the answers with students

 4. show a table about what happened that day?

  2.Let the students get the general idea of the text..


 3.To make them get familiar with the details of the text and train their ability of reading

 4.train the students speaking ability and cooperation ability.

  25 第三环节 课堂练习

  Step five: exercise

  5.Finish the exercise in Part C and D

  5.Help them to find the details in the text. 5. To train the students’ reading ability . 5 第四环节 课时小结

  step Six: Sum up

  6 Sum up :How does a dog help man? 6. Show a PPT to sum up : the things that a dog can do for man. 6. Prepare for the writing 5 第五环节 课后作业 Homework 1. Read the text fluently

 2 write a passage to introduce what can a dog do for man Hand out a sheet which contain the request of writing the passage Strengthen the comprehension of the text. 课





 程 Free talk --- Preparation ---Reading competition ----- Discussion—exercise—sum up--Homework . 效