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  Presently, a new lifestyle called low carbon life is spreading every corner of our country. The concepts of low carbon are low energy and no waste. It is such a significant project that I can’t wait to present my ideas on how to promote it.

  On the first place, a no-car day is supposed to set up every week in our school. Because cars not only cause serious air pollution but also waste energy. On no-car day, neither students nor teachers are allowed to drive to school. Meanwhile, just walk, jump, cycle or run. Use our legs and enjoy the fun.

  On the second place, we had best not use plastic bags any more. No one can stand the “white pollution”. So, it is wise to use bags which can be reused again and again.

  Finally, one thing that we should keep in mind: every big thing comes from the subtle. Therefore, as students, we ought to turn out the lights the moment we leave, turn off the tap in time, and reuse our textbook and so on.

  All in all, it weighs greatly for all of us to put the low carbon lifestyle into practice. Just set our mind to these: no-car day, no plastic bags, and no waste. Let’s do it now.







  Low carbon life begin from me

  The earth is our home, we should protect it, don't pollute it. Low carbon life is life, less energy consumption, to reduce the emission of carbon, especially carbon dioxide emissions, reducing air pollution, slow deterioration of the environment.

  Low carbon life, actually very simple. Students, when you take a shower, shampoo and wash my face and brush my teeth when I, you ever can have thought, to save every drop of water? When you use the lights, TV, computer, you may have thought to save electricity each? Participate in low carbon life is not for the moment, but the eternal topic.

  Now the humanity faces the problem of global warming, carbon is causing global warming killer, and this is because the human act recklessly and care for nobody waste of resources, make carbon emissions increased, therefore, the real arch-criminal should be human. But human can't produce carbon, therefore, must take the environmental protection, and civilized way of life -- low carbon life.

  Low carbon life as long as the attention of 4 sections: electricity, water, oil, solar term on the line.

  Previously, I do not know how to save, all the love and light, from day to black; water, is often a waste ... ... To promote low-carbon life, know that there are many benefits to save.




  现在人类面临着全球变暖的问题,碳就是导致地球变 暖的凶手,而这正是因为人类肆无忌惮的浪费资源,使得碳的排放量增加,所以,真正的罪魁祸首应该是人类.可是人类不能不产生碳,所以,就要采取环保、文明的生活方式——低碳生活.




  Today's society is a highly developed technological society. However, the shortcomings in the development process are obvious, such as: carbon dioxide, and environmental pollution. But the most serious should be the carbon dioxide problem.

  Now the problem of global warming because of excess emissions of greenhouse gases. Excessive amount of carbon dioxide emissions, creating a diversified economy and La Nina phenomena lag disorder. Two levels of glaciers melting, polar animals lose their chance of survival at the same time, will lead to rising sea levels, many coastal cities into the water did not result in a few years later. Therefore, we must take the necessary measures to reduce the environmental impact of carbon dioxide.

  For example: tree-planting activities, reduce fossil fuel use, we can from our own, to promote low-carbon living.






  With the spread of the consciousness of environmental protection, the word “low-carbon” has been very popular in life. We can find it in many aspects, such as low-carbon products, low-carbon consumption, and low-carbon travel and so on. Generally speaking, more and more people are advocating “low-carbon” lifestyle.


  As implied in the name, “low-carbon” lifestyle is a kind of new pattern of lifestyle which aims to lowering the carbon dioxide emission in living as much as possible. For example, some office workers are not proud of driving private cars from work to home any more but pride themselves on riding or taking public transportation. In addition, they advocate recycling water and saving energy as much as they can.


  As college students, we also make some contribution in our daily life to reduce the emission of the carbon dioxide. For example, switch off the light when leaving and save water. In addition, we should use our knowledge and action to arouse others’ concern about the importance of lowering emission of carbon dioxide and lead them to lead a “low-carbon” life.