Our animal friends教案1

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 课题 课型 Writing 备课时间 1 Period 教



 析 教学目标 To know how to write a story about the animal you like

  教学重点 Should contain what the animal you like can do , how do you like it, 教学难点 What happens to the animal you like now? 教学关键 Make it clear that why the animal is helpful 教法与学法指导 Self-study, Cooperation, Group work. 教学环节 主要教学步骤或内容 学生主体活动 教师活动 设计意图 时间

 分配 第一环节 复习回顾平移的基本性质,引入课题

  StepⅠ:Free talk and preparation for writing 1. Talk with your partner what animal you like best , and tell a story about it

  1. show some useful words and phrases on the PPT to help them communicate with their partner 1.To arouse their interest about the class

 5 第二环节 观察操作、探索归纳平移的作法

  StepⅡ: Read the passage

  3. Read the passage In the snow and retell it to us , at the same time , mark down some useful phrases and complete the passage according to the pictures

  3.help students to mark down the important points about the rescue story

  3.To train their ability to express as well as improve their speaking ability and to get ready for the writing and train their ability to cooperate.



  第三环节 课堂练习

  Step III: Writing

 Step IV: Check the passage 4.complete the passage and check it with your partner, then write a story about the animal you love.

  4.remind students to pay attention to their handwriting

 and check the mistakes students make 4.To train the students’ writing ability.


 15 第四环节 课时小结

  Step five Sum up

 How to organize the writing. 5. sum up what you need to contain in your passage when writing an animal you love 5.List the beautiful sentences they write in the passages 5.Let them get familiar with the writing.

 5 第五环节 课后作业 1. Recite the passage which given as a sample . 课





 程 Free talk and preparation →Read a sample passage →write a passage—Check the writhing. 效