Our animal friends教案6

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 课题 课型 Grammar 备课时间 1 period 教



 析 教学目标 1. Master the usage of reflexive pronouns and prepositions of position

  教学重点 By oneself , help yourself , teach yourself, in , under, next to , behind 教学难点 By oneself, between , behind 教学关键 Make it clear about the prepositions of position 教法与学法指导 Cooperating, Self-study 教学环节 主要教学步骤或内容 学生主体活动 教师活动 设计意图 时间

 分配 第一环节 复习回顾平移的基本性质,引入课题

  StepⅠ:Free talk

  1. what do you do by yourself in your daily life? 1.Show some pictures which contain some housework they would do in daily life

  1. To arouse the students’ interest in learning about reflexive pronouns

 5 第二环节 观察操作、探索归纳平移的作法

  StepⅡ: learn about the reflexive pronouns

 StepⅢ: more practice


 Step IV : PartB

  2. Read Part A, and remember the reflexive pronouns , myself, himself,etc.

 3. complete the sentences according to the pictures and then sum up the rules about the reflexive pronouns

 4.learn the prepositions of position, list out the prepositions like in , on , over, under, next to , behind , in front of , between ,etc.

 Then fill in the blanks with the right prepositions

  2. show a chart which contain the pronouns and the reflexive pronouns

 3. sum up the rules

 4. Show the answers on ppt and check them with students

  2.let students know how the pronouns are changed into the reflexive pronouns

 3.know more about the usage of the reflexive pronouns

 4. master some prepositions of position

 15 第三环节 课堂练习 Step Step V: more practice 5.finish the exercise given by teacher and practice the usage of reflexive pronouns and the prepositions of position. 5. hand out the sheets and let students finish the exercise in it 5.To consolidate what they have learned in this class

  10 第四环节 课时小结

  StepⅥ:Sum up 6. Go over the rules of the reflexive pronouns and the prepositions of position 6. Show a ppt to guide the students to give sum up of the class 6.To make students have a good habit of taking notes and have a general understanding of this class 5 第五环节 课后作业 Finish the exercise in the English paper.






 程 Free talk→ Explain usage of reflexive pronouns and prepositions of position→Exercise→Sum up 效