Unit3 Our animal friends教案 译林版教案

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  Unit 3 our animal friends

 第一部分 词汇

 blind 瞎的,失明的例:Robert is blind in the left eye.

 radio 无线电广播,收音机

 programme 节目

 helpful 有用的,有帮助的例:The book about diet is very helpful.

 mean (过去式meant) 表示…意思

 例:what does this sign mean?

 allow 允许进入

 anywhere 任何地方,常用于否定句或一般疑问句中,替代somewhere。

 8. wake 醒来 Wake up

 9.finally 终于,最后。近义词: at last,in the end

 1. On the Open Day of our school, our parents watched the by the students at the school hall.

 2. Exercise is to keep us healthy. So why not go outside and exercise for a while?

 3. We shouldn’t make jokes about the . Instead, we should help them.

 4. Nowadays, not many young people enjoy listening to the . They prefer to use MSN or MicroBlog.

 5. The river is so clear that you can see the of it.

 6. , they got to the top of the mountain successfully.

 7. After you wash your face, don’t forget to wash your as well.

 8. The team arrived soon after the fire started. They saved a lot of people from the burning buildings.

 9.Simon cannot find his pen in the classroom. Maybe someone took it by mistake.

 10. You should to Mr Li for your mistake. And please don’t do that again.

 11. In the USA, if a dog three times, the owner will be punished.

 12. No dogs are in this restaurant.

 13.Joe: What does this word , Mum?

  Mum: Use your dictionary and look it up.

 14. The told us that we could stay at Room 1505. It was on a non-smoking floor.

 15. Do you have a at home? I mean a dog or a cat.

 16. Miss Wang will the students to their classroom.

 第二部分 语法

 Reflexive pronouns反身代词



 Did you enjoy yourself last night?

 We should not think only of ourselves.

 He did the homework himself.

 by oneself 形式,其含义为alone(单独地,独自地)

 I went on holiday by himself. (= I went on holiday alone.)

 She learnt English by herself.(= )


 all by oneself learn by oneself think to oneself

  make oneself at home

 say to oneself teach oneself leave one by oneself


 1. I’m not angry with you. I’m angry with .

 2. Margraret had a nice time in London. She enjoyed so much.

 3. My friends had a nice time in London. They enjoyed very much.

 4. He never thinks about other people. He only thinks about .

 5.I want to know more about you. Tell me about .(one person)

 6. Goodbye! Have a nice holiday and look after .(two people)

 7. She put the plates on the table and told them to help to the food.

 8. We painted the whole house .


 1. Don’t worry about me. I’m old enough to think for .

 A. himself B. herself C. yourself D. myself

 2. Mr. Mre has more money than Mr. Little. But he doesn’t enjoy .

 A. he B. him C. his D. himself


 (1)lie in, lie on, lie to的区别


 (2)arrive in, arrive at, arrive on的区别

 at后面接小的地方 in后面接大的地方 on后面接时间

 举例如下:arrive in Beijing arrive at school,arrive on Monday morning 。


 1. What do you think the word “eyes” ______(mean) in the story?

 2. “Good morning, sir. You are welcome to stay.” Said the _________(reception).

 3. I’m blind. I can’t go anywhere by ________(I).

 4.You must ________(apology) for what you did.

 5. Tom _______(lead )Jim to his new room just now.

 6.They were too tired. They soon fell ________(sleep).

 7.Some time _________(late), Charlie started barking.

 8.John woke up and ___________(smell) smoke.


 I have to stay at home in the evening. It’s one of my family rules.

 A.can B.may C.must D.might

 You said that you finished the project by yourself?

 A.with help B.without help C.helpfully D.helpful

 Do you notice that the dog is blind?

 A.can see B.can hear C.is able to see D.is unable to see

 Don’t swim in the river,Tom. It’s dangerous.

 A.not safe B.safe C.not interesting D.interesting

 The police followed the thief and caught him at least.

 A.went for B.went into C.went after D.went on


 In our school, teachers don’t allow students _______ mobile phones.

 A.use B.using C.to use D.used

 ----Why is the chick ______ on the ground?

 -----Oh, it is dead. It _______ there yesterday.

 A.lie;lay B.lying;lay C.lay;laid D.lying;lied

 May I _____ a table of eight tomorrow evening?

 A.book B.take C.buy D.borrow

 Our _____ of smell often stops ______ when we had a bad cold.

 A.sense;working B.senses;to work C.sense;to work D.senses;working

 -----Did you see the twins? I can’t find ______.

 ----Oh, I think _____ must be in the garden.

 A.them;they B.they;they C.their;them D.them;their

 ---Excuse me. Could you please _______ me to my room?

 ---This _____,please.

 A.lead;road B.lead;way C.lwt;road D.led;way

 ----Where _____ Jack and Candy from?

 ----_____ of them come from France.

 A.do;All B.does;Both C.is;All D.are;Both

 ---Where is my storybook?

 ----It’s there, ______ the Chinese book and the English book.

 A.between B.above C.under D.on

 Tim said that he did his homework ______.

 A.him B.he C.himself D.her

 ______ Jack’s _____. I passed the exam.

 A.With;help B.Of;help C.Of;word D.With;word

 11. We arrived ______ Shanghai late _______ night.

 A.at;in B.in;in C.in;at D.at;at

 12. There are some birds _____ the tree.

 A. in B.at C.in front of D.on

 13. I made this cake _______.

 A.me B.myself C.ourselves D.we

 14. One day a letter from my father ______ at the school.

 A. arrived B.get C.received D.found

 15. Miss Li kindly _____ me _____ the headteacher’s office.

 A.asked;to B.led;to C.called;to D.get;to

 16. We haven’t been to ______ this summer.

 A. somewhere B.nowhere C.anywhere D.everywhere 


 Jim is b________ and he can’t go anywhere by himself.

 Mr Wang began to learn English on the r_________.

 I like watching p________ on TV.

 The h_______ boy carried my bags for me.

 We’ll never a________ such behavior.

 Tim was told to a_________ for being late for school.

 Mum,do not forget to w_______ me up half an hour later.

 The guide will l______ us through the forest.


 ( )1. One day, Jack and Jone arrived at a small village.

 A.arrived in B.got C.reached D.ran

 ( )2. Go and apologize to her.

 A.say hello B.say goodbye C.say happy D.say sorry

 ( )3. Then he got down on the floor next to Charlie and waited.

 A.near B.behind C.not far D.besides

 ( )4. Finally, the firemen put out the fire.

 A.At first B.In the middle C.At last D.At the beginning

 ( )5. What is the story probably about?

 A.may be B.soon C.in fact D.maybe

 ( )6. We should take action to stop pollution.

 A.can B.ought to C.may D.must

 ( )7. Jack cleaned the room himself.

 A.lonely B.with help C.alone D.yourself

 ( )8. Everyone shouted loudly when Jay Chou appeared.

 A.looked up B.showed up C.disappeared D.took up

 ( )9. Tom cannot act in the film because he hurt his leg yesterday.

 A.perform B.sing C.make D.build

 ( )10. Watch out! There’s a lot of traffic here!

 A.Look at B.Look into C.Look out D.Look for


 blind radio programme helpful rescue mean receptionist finally

 allow pet anywhere apologize lead bark towel bottom