Our animal friends教案2

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 课题 课型 NEW WORDS 备课时间 1 period 教



 析 教学目标 Let students know the meaning of the new words and can use the words to make sentences

 Train the students ability of cooperation 教学重点 The pronunciation and the usages of the new words: blind , helpful, allow, lead , finally , appear, nothing , arrive at , by oneself, fall asleep 教学难点 Apologize, bottom, appear, nothing , 教学关键 Let all the students can read the words and know the meaning of the new words 教法与学法指导 Use some pictures and games and PPT 教学环节 主要教学步骤或内容 学生主体活动 教师活动 设计意图 时间

 分配 第一环节 复习回顾平移的基本性质,引入课题

  Step one: Warming up. Freely talk: what kind of animals do you like best? Talk with the teacher about the animal they like best . 1.show some pictures of some animals on the PPT to arouse the students interest to talk about them.

  1.To arouse the interest and lead them to get into the words of the new words 5 第二环节 观察操作、探索归纳平移的作法

  Step two: New words.

 Read the new words.


 Step three: group work to remember the new words


 Step four: Key words learning.


  Step five: have a competition 2. Read the news words according to the syllables and learn how to pronounce it

 3. try to remember the new words as quickly as you can, with the help of the group leader, then check with each other whether you remember the words or not .

 4. Work in groups to learn the usage of the key words, helpful , anywhere, finally, nothing , arrive at, lead sb to , fall asleep , get down, by oneself, wake up

 5. match the new words and the pictures shown on the ppt 2.Play the MP3 of the new words for them and lead them to read in a proper way.

 3. help the students when they have trouble in reading the new words

 4.Show the PPT of the meaning of the key words and let ss make more sentences with the new words

 5. check the words and give them marks for the groups 2.Let the students reads the words correctly.

 3.To make them get familiar with the pronunciation and the spelling of the new words.

 4. Train the students’ ability to cooperate. Let the students in different leves can take part in the activity.

 5.Provie the chances to students to show themselves and practice the speaking ability. 20 第三环节 课堂练习

  Step six: exercise

 1. use the correct forms of the words to fill in the blanks like :

 My mother doesn’t allow me ____( go) out at night. 6. Finish the exercise given on the sheet.

  6.Collect the mistakes in the students’ exercise. 6. to consulate the usages of the new words 10 第四环节 课时小结

  step Seven

 How many words do you master?

  Write them down in your sheet 7. Remember the words you learn and spell them out 7.Give them a piece of paper to write the words. 7.To develop the students’ ability of self –checking. 5 第五环节 课后作业 Dictation

 use the new words to make sentences on your own or check them in a dictionary

  4. Ask one student to lead all the students to read the new word. one student read one new words. 1.Dictation

 2.correct the mistakes Strengthen the remembering of the words and see if they can use the words correctly 课





 程 Read the new words --- Games and remember the new words ---- learn the usages of the new words -----Exercise----check how they master the new words 效