Our animal friends教案4

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 课题 课型 Reading (Ⅱ) 备课时间 1 period 教



 析 教学目标 The students can use the expressions and the useful sentence structures freely.

 To master some usages of some useful expressions and develop an ability of how to get a further understanding of the text. 教学重点 Allow pets , by myself, apologize to sb, fall sleep, start barking , smell smoke, with the help of , next to , heard the sound of 教学难点 Lead to , arrive at , finally, were both safe 教学关键 Master the difficult usages of some phrases 教法与学法指导 Competition, Self-study, Partner work 教学环节 主要教学步骤或内容 学生主体活动 教师活动 设计意图 时间

 分配 第一环节 复习回顾平移的基本性质,引入课题

  StepⅠ: Warming up

 1.Free talk

 2. Recite the text 1 . Talk about: which animal do you like best, why?

  2 recite the last paragraph of the text. 1.Ask questions :what is your favorite animal, why do you like it best? 1.Review the text as well as train the students’ ability of speaking 5 第二环节 观察操作、探索归纳平移的作法

  Step Ⅱ: Detailed reading.

 Filling the blanks.

 StepⅢ:Important phrases and Sentence structures learning.

  2.Fill the blanks about the text and find out the useful expressions and structures in the text like : blind , fell asleep , started barking ,smelt smoke, put the wet towel along…, finally

 3. Make sentences with these important points in the text and take notes of the explanations of the important points:

 Arrive at ,/arrive in, allow, by oneself , lead to , fall sleep , wake up, with sb’s help, next to , without sth, finally,

  2.finish the blank filling exercise according to the text , and miss the important phrases and difficult point in the blank filling exercise

 3. Show some pictures by PPT, and explain the usage of the important phrases and the main language points ,the basic structures of the text. Then prepare several paper which contain the sentence made with the important phrases

  2.Let them to pay attention to the details and cultivate their ability of thinking.

 3.To develop the students’ ability of cooperation and to make every sure student take part in the work.

  第三环节 课堂练习

  StepVI: More practice

  4. Use the right forms of the expressions to finish the sentences.

  4.Give them an example to do the exercise.

 5. work in group to check the answers. 4. to consolate the usage of the key points of the text

 5. let students use the useful expressions they learned 第四环节 课时小结

  Step Ⅵ: sum up 7.write down and remember the important points of this class.

  6.Show a PPT and sum up the main points of the text and lead students to read it

  . 第五环节 课后作业 Step V: Homework 1. remember the important points and prepare for the dictation

 2. Make sentences with the important points and structures learned in this class 课





 程 Free talk→ Reciting→ Get the important points and play games →Useful-structure→ Exercise 效